Traitors In Salem – The Next Evolution of Salem

April 30th, 2021 | Uncategorized

BlankMediaGames officially announces the development of our latest game in the Salem Universe:

The Town of Salem was in a conflict that lasted nearly a decade in which countless souls were lost. The innocents of the Town banded together and banished the Necronomicon. The power the book held over the minds of the townsfolk was erased.

An era of uneasy peace began. But, the darkness could not be sealed forever. Once again, dark magic threatens to send Salem into chaos.

Use your wits and abilities to find the Traitors who are possessed and hold trials to decide their fate. Or, become a Traitor and unleash your inner evil onto innocents.

What is “Traitors In Salem”?

Traitors In Salem will be the next evolution in the Salem Universe, taking everything you love about Town of Salem and improving it. Control your favorite characters such as the Pilgrim, Witch, Werewolf, and more to explore Salem. Characters are randomly assigned a role at the beginning of a game. Use your role to investigate, silence, or kill to achieve your goals. Dozens of roles, many classic Town of Salem roles along with many brand new roles, will be available to play.

For Traitors In Salem, we made a commitment to make improvements to game design, roles, and interactivity.

Unlike Town of Salem, you will be able to move your character around the game as you wish. You will interact with the environment and other players as you run around the world.

Some of the improvements include:

Only Two Factions – Town versus Traitors
The Neutral roles that will be coming over from Town of Salem such as the Executioner, Jester, and some Neutral Killers will be joining the Traitor faction. This will mean that there is no neutral killing faction creating 1v1v1 stalemates. The Mafia faction has gone back to Italy and will not be appearing in Salem this time.

No More King Makers
Roles such as Survivor and Executioner could sometimes be the deciding vote in a 1v1v1 scenario in which their vote decides who wins. King Maker positions oftentimes led to un-fun game outcomes. With all non-town roles joining the Traitor faction, these situations are no longer possible.

Planned Chaos Modes
Our new freedom of movement will allow us to create brand new Chaos Game Modes that would have been impossible in Town of Salem. We are testing and prototyping ideas for Capture the Flag, Cops and Robbers along with other Game Modes, and will reveal more information on our ongoing development of these in the future.

Traitors In Salem is scheduled to begin alpha testing before the end of summer 2021!
Stay tuned for more news!

If you are interested in a press kit, you can find it here: