Refer A Friend

Earn Rewards

Can your friends handle life in the Town of Salem? Find out and get in-game rewards!

How It Works:

For each referral that upgrades their account or purchases the game on Steam, you get a reward!

Reward Tiers

  • 1. 1300 Town Points
  • 2. 1300 Town Points + Grim Reaper Lobby Icon
  • 3. 1300 Town Points, + Fish Pet
  • 4. 1300 Town Points
  • 5. 1300 Town Points + Grim Reaper Character
  • 6+. 1300 Town Points


How To Refer-A-Friend

There are two ways to refer friends:

1.) When creating an account there is an optional input field to specify a friend to refer. Simply put their username in the box.
For Steam users, the friend referred will immediately receive their RAF rewards as long as the referred player links their Steam account to their Town of Salem account. For other platforms, the referred user must upgrade their account.

2.) When a user creates an account and goes to play, they will see a popup asking them to pay-to-play. There is also a button on that screen that you can click to open the referral code redemption screen. The user can put in a referral code from a friend there in order to get 5 free games of Town of Salem and show they were referred by that person.

Why the in-app purchase requirement for RAF validation?

We do not want the RAF system to impact the quality of games by motivating people to AFK through games in order to get rewards on their main account. With the requirement of being a Steam user or upgrading your account, there is no motivation for users to make alternate accounts or AFK through games to collect RAF rewards.


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