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Hey Townie, thanks for wanting to contact us!

Below are several of the most common questions we get asked. If your issue does not fall into these categories, you may email our support staff at

I have forgotten my password?

You can request a password reset through this web page form:

My account is labeled inactive?

You can request another confirmation/activation email via this form:

I would like my account deleted

If you just fill out the information on this webpage you should get an email that will let you delete your game account, forum account, and PTR account with us, along with any and all other information about your existence on our platform in accordance with the GDPR:

Why was I suspended/banned?

You can send a PM with the text “all” to the trial bot to see all your reports.
To appeal a ban you will need to post here:

I have experienced a bug

You can make a post about it here. Be sure to include screenshots and if it is a mobile or Steam bug post it in the appropriate section:

My account was frozen on Steam due to a refund

When you purchased the game on Steam you received 2,000 Town Points, double Merit Points earned, and the Steambot skin. Due to refund abuse we have started to crack down of people that refunded the game after claiming these rewards. You will need to repurchase the game on Steam from the Steam account you originally used to purchase the game. If you have the game in your Steam library currently try logging in, if you get the error and it is in your library, then close the app, and try again and it should work.

If your issue does not fall into these categories, email our support email above with whatever you may need.


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