Whats in the Box!?

April 26th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Standard Version

Total Cards x45

Bodyguard x1
Doctor x1
Townie x8
Mayor x1
Investigator x1
Vigilante x1
Sheriff x1
Survivor x2
Deputy x1
Veteran x1
Politician x2
Spiteful Townie x1
Peaceful Townie x1
Medium x1
Godfather x1
Mafioso x5
Janitor x1
Blackmailer x1
Consigliere x1
Amnesiac x1
Serial Killer x1
Jester x2
Witch x1
Werewolf x1
Executioner x1
Non-played cards
Moderator x1
Good/Evil x1
Blank Card x4

NSFW Version

Total Cards x84

The NSFW version will come with all 45 cards the Standard version has as well as NSFW alternate art versions for all playable cards (+39 cards)!