Traitors In Salem magically appears in Early Access April 22nd, 2022

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AUSTIN, TEXAS – Indie game developer BlankMediaGames are the creators of Town of Salem, pioneers of the social deduction genre of games, and creators of the soon to be released Traitors in Salem, successor to Town of Salem. Town of Salem is one of the first, and most popular social deduction video games. Town of Salem touts millions of accounts, and has laid the groundwork for other social deduction games that came after.

Early Access Beta Launch

BlankMediaGames aims to bring Traitors in Salem to Steam for Early Access Beta on April 22nd, 2022.

View the Traitors in Salem website here:

Traitors in Salem is set to be the next hit in the social deduction genre. The Traitors are possessed by an ancient magic power known as the Necronomicon and are tasked with destroying Salem. Town members must find out who these Traitors are and hang them, or complete the quests needed to banish the Necronomicon forever. Players will enjoy freedom of movement inside of a 3d world, improved graphics, and amazing cinematics. With 31 unique roles with varying abilities, spells, and a day/night cycle that affects game play each game will be completely unique!

The game is currently in alpha, and has received great feedback from participants. Players have loved the ability to move around with classic characters such as the Pilgrim, Plaguebearer, and Witch, and being able to kill unsuspecting passersbys.

Steam Page Live Now!

Wish lists are currently available for Traitors In Salem through their Steam Page for the game found here:

How To Play?

Town Members

  • Players can interact with NPCs to start different quests that can contribute to the towns victory, give you special personal perks, or unlock different town wide abilities!
  • Deal with all of the Traitors to the Town, or complete all of the quests needed to banish the Necronomicon in order to win!
  • Use your role’s abilities to do things like reveal yourself to the town as innocent, track down a killer from a dead body, and even shoot the suspicious!
  • Do what you can to counter-act the powerful magic used by the Traitors.
  • Find secret passages, flag down ships, and fix broken bridges to help get around the town.
  • Use Telescopes, confer with Ghost NPCs, use the Runeboard, and more to gain information about your so-called innocent friends.
  • Use the Town Bell to call a Town Meeting if you see anything out of the ordinary.
  • Report a body to call a Town Meeting.
  • Hang the suspicious at the gallows!


  • Sneaking and Stealth are your best allies. Kill Town members to protect the Necronomicon!
  • Use your role’s abilities to do things like burn away dead bodies, convert Town members over to the side of Evil, and block all Town members from using abilities!
  • Use your Spells granted to you by the Necronomicon to give yourself the advantage over the Town.
  • Almost anything a Town member can do, you can too!

Play with up to 15 players online and use your wits and abilities to find the Traitors who are possessed and hold trials to decide their fate. Or, as a Traitor, unleash your inner evil onto innocents.

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