Town of Salem – iOS and Android Launch Announcement

September 29th, 2018 | Uncategorized


EDIT: As of 10/14/18 Town of Salem is Live on iOS and Android stores! Direct links below.


Town of Salem is coming to mobile on October 14th!

Check out release trailer!

A whole new way to play! This means a ton of improvements are coming to the game and we are doing a complete overhaul of the UI. It is incredibly sleek, and intuitive to use. Many of the icons used in the UI have also been redone and are much higher quality. Below are all the new and improved icons!


While playing you may notice some new features as well, such as the new private notes page, and new buttons for certain roles with special abilities like self healing as a Doctor, or igniting as the Arsonist. In the gif below you can see the self heal button and the private notes page next the to the last will.


We have also added several tabs that you can use to quickly see what players are alive, who is dead and what their roles were, and who you can target. Below you can see the 4 tabs for: all players, the graveyard, your known teammates, and your available targets.


The UI also keeps track of the roles of players you already know, such as revealed Mayors. The example below shows you that player 4 is a revealed Mayor.


We have also added a new ‘Send Will to Chat’ button to quickly post your Last Will to the chat. You can see this button at the bottom right of the will.


The improved tech we have used will help improve game stability, and open us up to more options for the future. We will be supporting iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Be sure to share this information with your friends, and get those mobile devices ready for a whole new experience!