Tavern concept reveal and more roles!

May 28th, 2021 | Uncategorized

Three roles have passed on their trades to future generations and will appear in Traitors in Salem. The Poisoner, Disguiser, and Sheriff!

The Poisoner is able to kill their target before they even know what hit them, and get away from the scene of the crime with a delayed kill.

The Disguiser takes samples from players to use to create the perfect disguise, allowing them to transform into another player for a period of time.

The Sheriff is a Town role that will be able to check a player and find out if they are good or evil.

With Traitors in Salem users will be able to roam around Salem, with that comes further development of the Town of Salem. The Tavern is one such area and you can see some concept art for it below!

You can see three NPCs located in the Tavern, and a very strong Pumpkin theme for the interior. These NPCs aren’t just for aesthetics, and play an integral part in how the Town wins the game!