New Roles


Coven roles:

Hex Master– A Coven role with the ability to Hex players. When all the non-Coven players left alive have been hexed the Hex Master deals an Unstoppable attack to all the players hexed. While hexed a player will show up as a Coven member to the Sheriff and Investigators. Players are not told they are hexed. Hexing a player can be stopped by Bodyguard, or Trapper protection. With the Necronomicon you are no longer considered visiting anytime you hex so you can get around any role that sees visits, or attacks visitors. This means that the Hex Master with the Necronomicon won’t die to a Werewolf that attacks their target, and can get around the protection of roles like the Bodyguard. With the Necronomicon you will also deal a Basic attack to players you visit in addition to hexing them. This means if they live for whatever reason they are still hexed. The Hex Master has a defense value of None.
Dev Note: This role is interesting because it adds a sense of impending doom even if it might not be in the game. Just by existing this role makes you scared for your life even if nothing is going wrong. It also gives the Coven a way to get around the protective roles like Bodyguard that can easily swing a game into the Town’s favor.

Poisoner-The Poisoner’s attack is a delayed Basic attack that takes one day to take effect and can be cured by any heal after the initial visit. Players know when they are poisoned. With the Necronomicon Poisoning can no longer be cured. Any temporary defense, such as jailing a player or protecting them as the Bodyguard, other than healing does nothing to stop a poison once you are poisoned, but any defense at the time of the attack higher than none will stop the poison.
Dev Note: The Poisoner adds an interesting element to the game in that its an attack that can be prevented post attack. What is so interesting about this is you can claim you were poisoned to encourage a healing role to heal you. This would open up every other role up to being attacked.

Potion Master-This role can select between three potions to use, a healing potion, a revealing potion, and an attacking potion. Each of the potions has a three day cooldown though. With the Necronomicon the cooldowns for the potions are removed. The Potion Master works like any of the roles that would heal, investigate, or attack would work when using each respective potion.
Dev Note: This role is a Jack of all trades role. The Potion Master can save their teammates, or strategically heal other evil or good roles, she can find the roles of the different players of the game, or she can attack different players to cripple the town.

Medusa-Medusa is a Witch role that is able to use her gaze to turn people that visit her to stone dealing a Powerful attack. Players that have been turned to stone won’t have their role or Last Will revealed. With the Necronomicon she can visit other players and turn them to stone. Unlike the Janitor, Medusa will not be told the role of the player that they turn to stone. You are able to stone gaze twice a game to turn anyone who visits you to stone. With the Necronomicon you are able to go out each night and select a person to attack, turning them to stone.
Dev Note: Medusa is the only Coven role that ignores Basic defense. This gives the Coven a fighting chance against all of the roles with Basic defense. Turning a player to stone of course also causes confusion as to what roles are alive giving the evil roles an easier time claiming they are something they are not.

Necromancer-Can control the corpses of dead players to use their ability on their second target and then the corpse rots allowing only one use of a corpse. With the Necronomicon the Necromancer can choose to summon a ghoul that will deal a Basic attack on the Necromancer’s second target, or the Necromancer can choose to use her other ability instead.
Dev Note: The Necromancer lets the Coven use the the roles that die in the game against the rest of the roles in the game, being able to reanimate the Doctor to heal a Coven member, or reanimate the Serial Killer to attack the Mayor. The things this role can do will vary every game, so every game will have a unique feel!

Coven Leader– The Coven Leader has the ability to control the actions of other players actions. With the Necronomicon her attacks drain their target of their life force dealing a Basic attack, and has Basic defense.
Dev Note: The new Coven faction will be interesting because all of the roles have the ability to kill when they have the Necronomicon, and they all have some other supporting ability to help the Coven win the game.

Town roles:

Crusader– A Town Protective role with the ability to protect a player each night giving them Powerful defense, but will use a Basic attack against another visitor at random.
Dev Note: This role is nearly as powerful as a Doctor in its protective powers, and will attack roles such as Blackmailers if a player is getting blackmailed back to back, but can also kill an Investigator wondering what your target was. This double edge sword ability will cause the Crusader to think about each of the heals they use instead of blindly picking. A Crusader could almost single-handedly kill all the evil roles, but it could just as easily kill many Town roles.

Tracker– A Town Investigative role the Tracker can select a player every night to track, following them, and seeing who that player visits.
Dev Note: This role is like an inverse Lookout. Instead of seeing who visits a player and determining the roles of players from there you can follow a player to their target and determine their role based on information that player gains, or whether their target died or not.

Trapper– A Town Protective role the Trapper has the ability to place traps at a player’s house that will trigger on any visit revealing the role of the players visiting. If the visiting player intended harm the trap will use a Basic attack against the player.It takes one night to build a trap so you can never place a trap night one. Traps persist until they are activated by a role visiting, or deactivated by the Trapper. The Trapper dying does not deactivate their trap.
Dev Note: This role is interesting because it is almost a hybrid Protective and Investigative role. It can find the roles of players in the game, or attack roles that intend to cause harm to your target. The Trapper does require some setup time, and if you want to swap targets before your trap activates you will lose time protecting someone to do so.

Psychic– A Town Investigative role that will be given three roles ever non-full moon night at least one of which is evil, and on full moon nights they will be given two players at least one of which is good.
Dev Note: This role is powerful because every day you are getting more and more information to put together to find the evil roles whether it be getting a list of players who are good, or getting a list of three players who could be evil and comparing that to knowledge you already have.

Mafia roles:

Ambusher– Our first Mafia Killing role since the release of the game this role has the ability to wait outside a player’s house and ambush one visitor dealing a Basic attack. The Ambusher’s name is revealed to anyone who visits the same target as the Ambusher and lives.
Dev Note: This role will give the Mafia a lot of options for dealing with different roles. The Ambusher lets the Mafia deal with pesky protective roles, or potentially nail down different investigative roles. The Ambusher will also allow the Mafia to get up to 2 kills in a night!

Hypnotist-The Hypnotist is a Mafia Deception role that causes players to receive false feedback. Each night you can select a player to hypnotize. Hypnotized players will receive false feedback such as the message saying that you were attacked but healed, or that you were role blocked.
Dev Note: This role will add a new aspect to the game because now you can’t trust certain messages that the game would give you. This could cause a player to say they were role block and when it is revealed that no one role blocked them they could be hanged. This should help the Mafia get extra hangings on occasion, and should help to create a new layer of deception that can be used to gain advantages in game.

Neutrals roles:

Guardian Angel-The Guardian Angel is a Neutral Benign role who is assigned a target they must protect for the game. They are able to watch over that player twice per game. When that player is watched over they will be healed and purged they will become immune to voting for the next day. If your target dies you become a Survivor.
Dev Note: The Guardian Angel adds another Neutral benign role to the game filling out the category a little more and gives a fun play style counter to the Executioner. This role is also our first role that affects voting.

Pirate-A Neutral Chaos role that must plunder 2 players to win. This is done by way of a really cool UI specific to this role. You may select to duel and plunder a player during the day using a button like that Jailor has. That night you are given three attack options, and the defending player has three defensive options. If you pick the right one to counter their defense you will plunder their home, if you pick the wrong one they will fight you off.
Dev Note: We think this role will be really fun because not only are you a role that can attack, but there is a mini game involved in the attacking and defending.

Plaguebearer/Pestilence– The Plaguebearer is a Neutral Chaos role that can infect a player with the plague. The Plague spreads through visiting and being visited. Once all players are infected the Town is told that Pestilence has been summoned. Players are not told they are infected with the Plague. Once the Plaguebearer turns into Pestilence it gains Invincible defense, powerful rampaging attacks, and deals a powerful attack to anyone who visits it.
Dev Note: Plaguebearer is a role that must lay low until it transforms then it has a huge impact. This is the first role that is truly unkillable at night. No attacks can kill Pestilence, so once he has transformed the only way to kill him is by hanging him.

Mystery role– This role does secret things, shhhhh. This role will have a rare chance of spawning under Neutral Killing, Random Neutral, or Any.
Dev Note: We thought it would be fun to release a role without any real information about it. We think you will all have a lot of fun trying to discover the role and what it does. Enjoy!



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