How does the Card Game work?

April 26th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Setting Up

The card game is played slightly different than the online version. You start by getting out the Moderator card, the Good/Evil card and the roles you want to play with. A moderator is chosen and gives each player a random card face down. Players secretly look at their card then the first night phase begins.

Night 1

Everyone goes to sleep (closes their eyes) and the moderator tells all members of the Mafia to wake up. The Mafia open their eyes and look around to see who the other Mafia members are and then go back to sleep because no one can kill on the first night. The moderator then calls the other roles with night abilities one by one. Some examples include the Sheriff, who will wake when called by the moderator and can check to see if a person is good or evil by pointing at a player. The moderator will then show the Sheriff either the ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’ side of the double faced Good/Evil card. The Investigator is different and when he investigates a player, the moderator will show that players card to the Investigator which will reveal the players exact role. Once all roles with night abilities have been called, the day begins.

Day 1

The moderator tells everyone to open their eyes. The players may not reveal their card to anyone. The moderator should tell the players how discussion, accusations and voting works. After the players understand, discussion begins.


Discussion & Voting

The discussion allows players to debate, share information and accuse one another. The moderator should encourage discussion. At anytime during the discussion players may accuse one another. In order to officially accuse someone, a player must point at them and say “I accuse you”. If a player has 2 accusations against them, they are put on trial.



The person on trial gets a chance to defend themselves. It is up to the moderator to make sure the person on trial gets enough time to speak then voting begins. All players put their thumbs up for Innocent, or thumbs down for Guilty. If more than half the players vote guilty, then the accused is hanged. If you hang a player their role is revealed, and the town will fall asleep immediately. The dead may leave the play area or stay, the moderator will decide. If they stay they must remain quiet. If the person on trial is voted innocent, continue discussion until the next accusation. It is recommended to have the moderator keep the discussion and voting to 5-10 minutes and then move on to the next night. The less time for discussion, the better chance the Mafia have at winning.

Every Night After Night 1

Every night after the first night the killing roles (Mafia, Serial Killer, Werewolf, Vigilante) can begin killing. When the moderator tells the Mafia to open their eyes, they may point to a player they would like to kill. After the Mafia agree on a target, the moderator must note that player, and tell the Mafia to close their eyes. The moderator will then call all roles with night abilities one by one just like the first night.

Every Day After Day 1

Every day after the first day, the moderator reveals who was killed, and that player reveals their card. Dead players must remain quiet. After that discussion, accusations and voting may occur, just like the first day.

Ending The Game

There are many ways the game can end. If the number of Mafia are greater than, or equal to the number of Town, and there are no other evil roles then the Mafia win. If the Town hangs the last Evil role the Town wins. If the Witch has all of the other players cursed, the Witch wins. The moderator should announce when the game is over, and all players reveal their cards.

Good luck surviving the Town of Salem!