More Roles, Quests, and NPCs

June 19th, 2021 | Uncategorized

Today we have 3 brand new roles to announce for Traitors in Salem and a reveal of one of our quest NPCs.

The Coroner is a Town role that will be able to tell how long a player’s corpse has been sitting there, giving them a good idea of how far away the killer might be, and how long it could be until the next kill.

The Illusionist is a killing role with a special deceptive twist! They are able to create temporary clones of players that will run across the map spreading confusion and doubt.

The Prosecutor is a Town role with the ability to put a player directly into the defense phase of Trial, bypassing the need to get enough votes to put them on Trial.

Last reveal we posted a concept of the Tavern and mentioned quests, and quest NPCs. Today we get to announce one of those quest NPCs: Jacqueline O’Lantern is the fantastic barmaid of the Gourds and Gallows Tavern and quest giver! Players can interact with this NPC to start different quests that can contribute to the towns victory, give you special personal perks, or unlock different town wide abilities!