Android Tablet version has been released!

May 12th, 2016 | Uncategorized

Hey Townies,

The time has finally come! The Android version of the game is officially released.

Be aware that this is a TABLET version of the game, and is not designed to work on phones. If you are able to download the game on your phones let us know. There will be bugs, but we will be addressing them, so don’t worry. If the game crashes we will automatically be notified of it through the app, but if you have any visual, performance, installation, or gameplay issues please report them here, and be sure to read the stickied threads: Mobile Bug Reports

The minimum specifications needed to run the game are below
OS Version: At least Android 4.2
Download the app here:

For all of you iOS users wondering why we didn’t say that the iOS version is released, that is because it isn’t, not yet. We are working with Apple to get the app out as soon as possible though. They have an approval process that takes some time to get through, but we are doing everything we can to get it out soon. We don’t have an exact time for the iOS release as it really depends on Apple.

Again if there are any issues with gameplay, visuals, performance, installation, or if you can download the game on a phone just let us know here: Mobile Bug Reports

If you have any suggestions or feedback about mobile check out these subforums as well.
Suggestions: Mobile Suggestions
Feedback: Mobile Feedback