Town of Salem

a game of murder, deception, lying and mob hysteria

Town of Salem is a browser-based game that challenges players on their ability to convincingly lie as well as detect when other players are lying. The game ranges from 7 to 15 players. These players are randomly divided into alignments – Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists and Neutrals. If you are a Town member (the good guys) you must track down the Mafia and other villains before they kill you. The catch? You don’t know who is a Town member and who is a villain. If you are an evil role, such as a Serial Killer, you secretly murder town members in the veil of night and try to avoid getting caught.


  • Android Tablet version has been released!

    Hey Townies, The time has finally come! The Android version of the game is officially released. Be aware that this is a TABLET version of the game, and is not designed to work on phones. If you are able to download the game on your phones let us know. There will be bugs, but we […]... Read More

  • How does the Card Game work?

    Setting Up The card game is played slightly different than the online version. You start by getting out the Moderator card, the Good/Evil card and the roles you want to play with. A moderator is chosen and gives each player a random card face down. Players secretly look at their card then the first night […]... Read More

  • Whats in the Box!?

    Total Cards x40 Town Bodyguard x1 Doctor x1 Townie x8 Mayor x1 Investigator x1 Vigilante x1 Sheriff x1 Survivor x2 Deputy x1 Veteran x1 Politician x2 Mafia Godfather x1 Mafioso x5 Janitor x1 Blackmailer x1 Consig x1 Neutral Amnesiac x1 Serial Killer x1 Jester x2 Witch x1 Werewolf x1 Executioner x1 Non-played cards Moderator x1 […]... Read More

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