No Gamethrowing

Intentionally losing the game or hurting your teams chances of winning(even if that team is just you) is gamethrowing.

A Mafia member dies and in his last will he reveals the names of all the living Mafia members. If those names are true then you are gamethrowing, if they are false then you are not.

Example 2:
A Vigilante or Jailor killing a revealed Mayor is gamethrowing.

No Spamming

Avoid sending the same message multiple times, or many messages that are gibberish.

No Verbal Abuse/ Harassment/ Hatespeech

Using language that is inappropriate is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to language that is vulgar, racist, sexually explicit, or abusive.

No Cheating

No Cheating – Gaining an unfair advantage over players through means other than normal gameplay. This includes but isn’t limited to using multiple accounts in the same game, sharing information outside the game, using a foreign language to communicate in a way that can’t be understood by the players in the current locale, and posting screenshots to prove something happened in game.

No Inappropriate Names

No Inappropriate Names – Creating or using a username or in game name that is deemed inappropriate. This includes but is not limited to names that are vulgar, racist, or sexually explicit.

No Leaving

No Leaving – Leaving a match during live play.

No Afking

No Afking – Leaving your computer for an extended time during live gameplay.

Don’t Impersonate a BMG Employee

Don’t Impersonate a BMG Employee
Don’t pretend to be an employee of BlankMediaGames.

Avoid Money Shaming

Targeting a player due to something they own is not allowed.

No Posting Harmful/Inappropriate Links

No Posting Harmful/Inappropriate Links – posting any links in game that may be malicious, or inappropriate.


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