The Thief

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The Thief

Postby TritoBinito » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:59 pm


Role name: Thief

Description: A former spy turned looter.

Attack: none

Defense: none (until goal is complete, which it gains unstoppable defense aside from lynches, and jesters, and exes)

Abilities: Choose to loot from each house a night, you also will know the role of your target, in turn they will know who you are.

Purpose: To take loot from three houses.

What they do: Each night, they can choose to loot one house a night, there are three players who will receive loot, they will not know to prevent town or mafia from announcing a "Thief" game. If they loot the right house they get the loot. If they loot someone who stays at home, the user will be alerted of the thief, and they will know their identity.

How will this affect the game: If they loot from three houses, they get immunity for the rest of the game, and they can use this immunity to give either mafia or town that extra vote. They also will know the role of the person they loot, allowing mafia, or important town roles to be cautious, leading to extra tension.

Consig results: Your target takes things for themselves, they must be a Thief!

Invest Results: Spy, Bmer, Jailor, or Thief.

Sheriff results: Suspicious (Not Suspicious after their objective is complete)

If you have anything to add, feel free to do so. I just did this for funsies, and thought posting it here would be nice.

I also posted this on the TOS subreddit, posting it here because of the bot telling me to also post here.
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Re: The Thief

Postby Brilliand » Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:21 pm

/nosupport for any pirate-type goal. It's really dull to have a goal that's just "use your ability X times".
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