Appeal to be Unbanned

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Appeal to be Unbanned

Postby SAOMockingjay » Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:04 pm

I was banned for “Spamming” and I did NOT spam.
I received my report from TrialBot and I was reported for “Cheating” not “Spamming” so I do not feel as though I should be banned for “Spamming” since that was not the offense.
I would also like to explain my side of the story for the alleged cheating aspect of the game.
I want to start off by saying I do NOT cheat. I did play a game with a friend. I was mafia and my friend was exe.
They did not tell me who their target was, but we were side by side and I happened to see the name.
I mentioned to Mafia N1 that I knew who exe was and who their target was. I did not remember saying who their target was, well I apparently did when I saw my report. I don’t know why I mentioned who their target was. I do admit I shouldn’t have. At the same time it was obvious the very next day on who exe was and who their target was as well.

I’ve never cheated and I also asked for my report from a trialBot and i’ve Never been banned or reported for anything. I always play by the rules.
I want to appeal the 24 hour ban because I don’t feel like it’s fair.
I see people constantly cheating by using discord, twitch, and I see hate speech and people being racist almost every game.
And I get banned for just mentioning who exes target was. Which doesn’t seem fair.
If I’m banned the mafia member should have been banned as well because they gamethrew due to me mentioning exes Target. They purposefully did not vote with Mafia and messaged exes target telling them they weren’t voting with us because of my mention. Yes, mafia won, at the same time they still gamethrew/cheated themselves by messaging exes target to tell them that they are exes target.
So if I am being banned for this I believe the other individual should be banned as well. I would either like my appeal to be approved or the other mafia member who gamethrew/cheated to be banned if I am staying banned. I’ve received my report three times so I do not need to see it again.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Appeal to be Unbanned

Postby TrialBot » Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:05 pm

Here are your reports:
Want your guilty reports without submitting an appeal? Send me a PM!
Want all your reports filed against you? Put "All" in the body of the message.

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Re: Appeal to be Unbanned

Postby Flavorable » Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:40 am

You admitted to having information you aqcuired outside of the game, this is an admission of cheating. And seeing other people cheat in games doesn't mean that you also cheating is allowed, nor that they don't get punished if reported.

As such, the report is valid and valid reports cannot be appealed.
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