Regarding neutral roles.

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Regarding neutral roles.

Postby Convictohell » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:45 am

Town: we should kill them incase they're mafia
NKs: we should kill them since they probably wont side with us
Coven / Maf: we should kill them just to make sure they don't side with town

It's really unfair tbh.
Jester, Pirate and Exe can all help town and even win with them, but legit 90% of the time even if you're honest about your role, you'll be killed by a jailor, vig or lynched.

I'd like to see a better system for neutrals than the shoddy one in place.

It's quicker and easier to leave ask SK / Arso and just join a new game as a new role to get a win.
Arso makes no damn sense, takes 2 nights to kill one person or x douses = kills + 1 extra night
SK is totally alone literally ALL the time,
the werewolf is hit or miss, with about a 90% chance of miss.
And the other neutrals have almost no value to town town or mafia unless it's a 2v2 and you're the tie breaker, at which point someones gonna be peed off with you.
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Re: Regarding neutral roles.

Postby Mace8937 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:11 am

Maybe this should be in Feedback
I think its time for a fucking Crusade

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Re: Regarding neutral roles.

Postby Kombinator1991 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:59 am

EXE is against town. As NK, and maf. you should avoid them, and even help them. They are possible ally, and you can't kill them at night (except as arso/ww, but for them it's a waste of night). If you are stupid enough to admitt being exe with town majority, or in jail, then you deserve to lose.

Witch literary cannot win with town. As NK you should try to get on his good side, because you are low on allies, and he is a potential ally. Most people sides with NK over town, or maf. if given a choice. Simply because nk is hard as it is.

Jester is a sort of misplaced. Unlike other NE he is not against town. He is more like true neutral like NBs. Now killing the jester at night is a good option for everyone since you can't make him win without endanger yourself. As NK voting inno is kinda mandatory to save yourself, and as mafia you unlikely got the numbers to risk that.

NK is super difficult, and it is meant to be. In return however it has superior LP ratio on ranked. Lose very little, if lose, but wins a lot.
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Re: Regarding neutral roles.

Postby Brilliand » Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:56 pm

When I'm evil, I usually think of the Jester as being against town (because he punishes lynches, which are the Town's thing, and kills randomly, which hits town more often than not - or sometimes even actively targets a power role, which is great). The Jester might need a change to make it more strongly anti-town, though; I keep thinking of the Throne of Lies' Fool, which punishes lynches by blocking further lynches... so it punishes lynches more exclusively. The Fool mechanic also tends toward an evil win in a 1v1v1 endgame, whereas the ToS Jester is a kingmaker with drawish tendencies in that situation.
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