Claiming nuetral as VIP?

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Claiming nuetral as VIP?

Postby kyuss420 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:38 am

So its VIP mode, and I am the VIP (doc). Day 1 crusader claims as usual, GA claims he is GA (this is what I was hoping for). Day 2 comes, someone claims poisoned and psy gives his vision... the usual 2 TP claims, and the sheriff claims. People cant decide which TP claim is lieing. I claim GA, and the GA starts spamming like hes a hero for finding the first coven, then, as I hoped, the confusion results in the GA and 2 coven voting me, The VIP. The voter on the psy vision (CL) was lynched, and vigi shot the other voter (PM) that night, medusa died to pirate and the GA was poisoned. Day 2 I kept ccing the GA's accusations, hoping for the last coven to vote me, while sheriff gave info, and no roles were votes that day.

Night 3 I healed the GA, who was now survivor, as Poisoner had the necro and I cant heal necro poison anyway. The crus was poisoned that night, pirate died to a trap... cue psy vision.... Problem was, poisoner claimed doc and jumped on the GA's healed claim, and nobody, out of the 6 town remaining, took my cc seriously, and I got abused for trolling. Probly reported for not healing the crus too (which was impossible). Town slowly died to poison over the next 3 days, didnt lynch anyone, even tho they got to a 50/50 a couple of times, with me claiming doc and pointing out 3 TP are in the graveyard every day -_- until finally poisoner hit the trapped vig and town won.

So question... Is claiming nuetral as VIP gamethrowing? Is getting coven to put votes on you considered gamethrowing? Is it a valid strategy? I thought I had done well, until town didnt believe my doc claim, but seems like poisoner didnt believe it either. I think with a smarter town, the game may have ended day 3 when I cced the poisoners doc claim.
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Re: Claiming nuetral as VIP?

Postby ShadowsGather » Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:56 am

No strategy intended to win the game is inherently throwing. It may not have been the best decision, but throwing requires the actual intent to lose the game. I am curious as to the logic in doubting a VIP's claim though. All of town can see you're VIP, and by default knew you weren't actually neutral in the beginning, so it stands to reason that once you actually came out as Doctor, that you are in fact that which you say you are. Your strategy to get the coven to vote against you was risky, but had a good reason behind it. Anyone with half a brain should have realised that the people voting against you couldn't have been town.
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Re: Claiming nuetral as VIP?

Postby TheMaroon5Fan » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:51 pm

I don't like this idea because VIP is a town role
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Re: Claiming nuetral as VIP?

Postby RevengeoftheRaccoon » Sat Feb 16, 2019 4:57 am

TheMaroon5Fan wrote:I don't like this idea because VIP is a town role

the point is to bait the Coven into voting you as VIP, because town would never vote the VIP
the Coven also gets benefits from lynching the GA, they get an extra day
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