Patch 2.0 Original Town of Salem Changes

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Patch 2.0 Original Town of Salem Changes

Postby shapesifter13 » Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:21 pm

Hey Townies!

We are releasing patch 2.0 today! This is the patch that will add everything that will come with the coven even though The Coven expansion wont be purchasable until the 6th. This will let us make sure that the launch of the coven is as smooth as possible. This also lets us get in the changes that affect the original version of the game in, so you all can have time to adjust to the changes before the new stuff comes out. Check out all the changes that affect the original version below!

Keywords System
To help players better understand abilities and what attacks will kill which roles we have added a coded system to explain attacks and defense attributes. More info here

Viewable Rolecards While In Game
You can now click on the role list in game to read role cards and see which roles a random can become.

Role Changes

  • Arsonist
    Arsonist ignite is considered a passive attack, not a visiting attack (dousing is still a visit). This means an Arsonist ignite will now kill a jailed target.

  • Amnesiac
    Amnesiac can now remember non-Town unique roles! There can still only be 1 unique role alive at a time.

  • Bodyguard
    We have standardized Bodyguard protection to only protect from direct attacks. This means a Bodyguard will not protect from other Bodyguard, Veterans, Crusader, Ambusher, Werewolf attacks that are not directly attacking the protected target, traps and all other non-direct attacks.

  • Witch
    The Witch now has a magical protection barrier that will give them basic defense against the first harmful attack against them.

  • Jester
    Jester haunt is a passive attack and not a visit. Additionally haunt is not effected by Transportation.

  • Medium
    Fixed a bug that caused Lookouts to see a dead Medium seance as a visit.

  • Vampires
    Standardized Vampire attacks and conversions. Vampires now deal a basic attack to all targets. If the target can be converted to a Vampire and would die to the basic attack they will be converted. All forms of basic defense or higher (including temporary protection) will prevent conversion.

Jailing will now make all targeting fail against the jailed target.

Self Targeting Abilities
Code change to prevent special abilities triggered by targeting yourself (ignite, vests, self heal, etc) from interacting with roles that can change your target (Witch, Transporter, Coven Leader). This change also fixed some bugs that would cause a Lookout to see roles as "visiting themselves" when using their special ability.
What this changed:
  • Arso ignite is no longer a harmful visit to himself(won't trigger bg or trapper)
  • Bg vest is no longer a visit.(won’t be used if witched or transported into targeting self)
  • Survivor vest is no longer a visit.(won’t be used if witched or transported into targeting self)
  • Doc self heal is no longer a visit.(won’t be used if witched or transported into targeting self)

Death Notes
We have removed all death notes from Town roles. We felt that death notes on Town roles were a powerful tool for Veterans and Jailors to confirm who they are so we have removed this ability. Additionally lore wise it seemed weird for Town to leave death notes.

Important bug fixes
Fixed a bug that caused role block immune roles to not be seen by Lookout or attacked by visiting a Werewolf when they were roleblocked.

Fixed a bug that caused Vampires or jailed targets to get double chat messages when in a seance with a Medium

Fixed a variety of bugs that would display invalid "killed by" messages when a player was attacked by multiple targets. Ex: "Executed by Jailor. Also attacked by Vigilante."

Fixed a bug where if you were a killing role that did not attack anyone, and were controlled by a Witch into attacking a player protected by the bodyguard, you would not get the message saying you were controlled.

Fixed a bug with ELO calculations that would cause players to lose more ELO than they should when playing against higher ELO opponents.

Fixed a bug that caused the Millicent, Necromancer, and Potion master skins to use male default names.

Discuss this patch here; ... 11&t=68383
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