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Reporting Healbille

Postby SirKepi » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:48 pm

Account name(s): Healbille

Offense(s): Hatespeech/harassment (left a hateful death note D2 and D3 as SK)

Offense location(s): D2, D3


Pretty self-explanatory here. They left a death note on two different days (though I only screenshotted one, but I've seen people appealing permbans for a SINGLE will/death note with this kind of message) saying "FUCKING FURRIES NEED TO DIE". I mean this type of speech wouldn't be allowed if they'd substituted some other group in, instead of furries, like Jews or gays. The accused tried to play it off as some kind of joke, but I personally didn't find it funny. I found it hateful.

I reported the accused in-game as well but it felt to me like everyone was on the side of the accused, so I didn't think anyone else was going to report them. I wanted to make sure this got handled because I'm trying to do what I can to curb the rampant hatred against furries in this game.
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Re: Reporting Healbille

Postby Aureolin1 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:24 pm

Comparing furries to people of a protected class is not a sound argument. Regardless, the user is now suspended because of racism on their Day 4 deathnote.
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