Patch 3.3.2 Ranked Season 5

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Patch 3.3.2 Ranked Season 5

Postby shapesifter13 » Mon Nov 23, 2020 4:40 pm

Hey Townies!

Today we are releasing Town of Salem 3.3.2. This release will include the start to Ranked Season 5! This release delivers on a frequently-requested feature: a Role Library showing every role in the game and its associated information. This release also includes a few QOL tweaks and a slew of bug fixes. The full list for this release is below.

Ranked Season 5!
We will also be starting Ranked Season 5 as soon as we are confident most of our players have upgraded to the latest version. We will be using the most recent experimental list we put up as it seemed to have the most positive feedback on the balance of it, and our numbers seem to agree with this. With the last season being so long, and so many changes being made recently we will be doing a hard reset for this season. Below is the list that will be used:

Town Investigative
Town Investigative
Town Protective
Town Killing
Town Support
Random Town
Random Town
Random Town
Random Mafia
Random Mafia

• Role Library - The new Role Library provides a card-like view of all the roles in the game and their associated information. Coven roles will only be seen if you own the Coven Expansion. The Role Library is accessible through the Burger Menu’s Settings Help tab.

• Tooltips/Hot Links - Tooltips and hot links have been updated for better placement, responsiveness, and formatting.
• Chat - Obvious URLs are now prevented from being sent or received in chat. Sending links is against the Rules, which are accessible on the Game Mode selection screen via the Rules button.
• Game - The active Game Mode is now shown in the Nameplate in-game.
• General - Enabled incremental garbage collection on supported platforms (Non-WebGL) which should result in reduced lag due to garbage collection.
• Game Engine - The Unity game engine has been upgraded to 2019.4.14f1. This brings a slew of underlying bug fixes and enhancements.

• Startup - Fixed an issue with our web version showing as a white screen when running on Big Sur OS.
• Keyboard - Fixed an issue with mobile screen keyboard sometimes not opening.
• Registration - Fixed the Email field validator improperly blocking some valid email addresses during registration.
• Registration - Reduced responsiveness of scroll wheel scrolling on Registration Notices large text fields.
• Home - Fixed an issue where logging on as restricted user, logging off, then logging in as non-restricted user caused incorrect display of Featured Items.
• Customization - Fixed some sizing oddness when first displaying character and pet on first open.
• Game - Fixed some positioning and scaling of the John Hathorne character skin.
• Game - Fixed some positioning of Blitzen pet during the last words and execution phases.
• Game - Fixed issue where pet animations were incorrectly displaying during Blast Off deaths.
• Game - Changed the Savant of Business achievement description to account for Coven Mafia roles now being available to play in Classic.
• Game - Reduced the amount of zoom while focusing in on executions.
• Burger Menu - Added a Confirm Email button under Help tab.
• Burger Menu - Added a Delete Account button under Help tab.
• User Disconnected - Fixed an issue during the Name Selection/Role Reveal phase that could result in a disconnection.
• User Disconnected - Fixed an issue when Forger was promoted to Mafioso that could result in a disconnection.
• Crash Fix - Fixed a mobile issue that could result in a crash.
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