Town traitor games can drag well past their fun

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Town traitor games can drag well past their fun

Postby pleeps » Mon May 11, 2020 8:07 pm

town traitor is usually pretty fun but in the game just played I realized a problem basically when all the maf were dead and all that was left was town traitor the game devolved into systematically lynching the town until we got the right person there was no pressure we knew we had won as it was impossible for town traitor to have been a killing role and we had at least two confirmed towns a ret and a vig who was retted so we just kept lynching people we weren't really trying to figure anything out or scum read,

my point being i think if only town traitor is left the game should auto end, at least if town traitor can't kill
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Re: Town traitor games can drag well past their fun

Postby leveria » Tue May 12, 2020 4:42 pm

I was thinking of posting exactly the same thing.. the game is amazing until Traitor is left with town with no mafia alive.. and if they are not killing role it drags to forever with no happy ending for them in sight.. like what happens if traitor is sheriff and is the last standing with jailor? I assume jailor wins, but didnt test as I reached 3rd with jailor/sheriff alive as traitor.

I think we need a twist, like if traitor survived 7 days they win automatically.. or if traitor is left with only 3 town (without coven/mafia alive) they immedietly win, some sort of twist to trigger win for traitor only
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