Dangan Robota: Dark Side of The Moon (Cancelled)

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Dangan Robota: Dark Side of The Moon (Cancelled)

Postby squosher » Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:44 am

I'm canceling this due to lack of interest.

Dangan Robota: Dark Side of The Moon

>Initiating phase 3 of testing
>Running Diagnostic...
>Satellite Connection: Connected
>Robot Status: Ready for upload
>Human Subjects: Waking
>Result: Everything is ready for testing

Lets Begin

This is a game of Dangan Robota, originally created by VucabCaquix here and then continued by Multiuniverse here. I reccomend reading all the rules before joining, even if you were in a previous game, because there are a lot of differences. The differences between the rules of this game and the previous Dangan Robota game will be in Bold.

Programming Phase:
    Spoiler: 48 hours + signup time to come up with plans. PM to me when finished. Time could be extended if needed.
    Robots act independently during night phase. Be prepared.
    Write out commands that you want the robot to follow. They don't need to be actual code, and it would probably be easier if they aren't. You can just write out a plan or even just list the actions you will do in each 5 minute turn.
    Assume that some of your actions might not work and plan alternatives.
    Please ensure you do plenty of actions, the game gets boring if everyone just does nothing.
    If a robot has no plans that fit its current situation, it will go into sleep mode until it does.
    No coordination of plans is allowed for this game.
    If attempting a murder, you should have a command stating that you are finished so that night can end early.
    Robots always take the shortest path to a location unless otherwise specified.
    The robots start in the bar.
    Time starts at 0:00 in game and ends at 1:00. You may use both relative (e.g. "After 5 minutes") and absolute (e.g. "At 0:30") times in your plans.
    Time is processed in 5 minute intervals. In 5 minutes you can move to another room or do things. I will be fairly lenient, but some longer actions may take longer than 5 minutes.
    The actions are processed when the satellite is the other side of the moon and out of range of any communications equipment. You will not be told what happens to your robot or what it sees.
    The Robots all look the same. Robots can't tell which player owns which robot, just what it is holding and any markings or damage on it (although humans can tell who owns which robot during the investigation phase).
    Robots cannot talk.
    Should no robots attempt a murder whatsoever we'll have to restart until someone does. (I doubt this will happen)
    Plans should be detailed. Make plans as complex as you want, as long as they are understandable. If your plan is ambiguous, I may ask for clarification or I might just guess what you intended.
    Suicide is not allowed.
    Accidentally killing someone still counts as killing them.

Night Phase:
    Spoiler: Carried out all at once by me, using your plans
    Could take a while to do, be patient. I'm not certain how long.
    After night is finished you will be sent a PM containing all of your robots actions and observations. Nobody will be told what their robot did in the night.
    Actions are resolved through logic if possible. Any actions involving luck (eg: two players reach for the same knife at once) will automatically favor whomever is attempting a murder.
    You may only murder one person.
    Murder attempts may be overridden at my discretion.
    Robots are physically just like humans: If it kills a human, it kills a robot.
    Night ends once a body is discovered by two robots. A murderer can discover their own victim by choice. If a scenario should result where a body cannot be discovered using the actions provided, night will be ended once the murderer is content (include this in your plans) or after sufficient time.

    Spoiler: Here, a file will go out revealing the location, time of death and minor details about the body. Additional info can vary depending on the circumstances. You will not know who's robot was killed, as that is what you have to figure out.
    On top of this, a basic visual description of the state of each of the rooms and the state and location of each of the robots will be posted.
    The players do not know whether their robot was killed, and the dead player participates in the investigation and trial like everyone else.
    The murder also does not know they were the murderer.

    Only things revealed at face value are shown. It's up to you to look for hidden clues or investigate pieces of evidence further. This can be done by asking me questions, either in the thread or by PM. You have unlimited questions, but you cannot ask any questions after investigation phase has finished.
    The questions may be about pretty much anything involved in the investigation: rooms, objects in rooms, robots, ect. (e.g. /check if the fire extinguisher is still full, /check what temperature the sauna is set to, /check what the robot in the library smells like).
    This period lasts for 48 hours (plus the time it takes for me to write the results), and then the Class Trial will occur.

    Spoiler: During the trial, players may discuss the murder and vote for who they think was murdered.
    Whoever receives the most votes by the end of the 48 hour round is picked.
    If they were the victim, the murderer is eliminated.
    If they were not, everyone except the murderer loses.
    If murderer is executed another round will be held.

    Spoiler: Sign up, giving your colour and ultimate. (e.g /join as ultimate example)

Example plan:
    ultimate example wrote:Go to the kitchen.
    Then take a knife and use the ingredients in the kitchen to make a cake.
    When all that is left of making the cake is the cooking, put it in the oven.
    Once it reaches 0:30, do the following:
      Wait until there is a single person in the room or a single person walking through the room and then stab them with the knife. Once they are dead, take the items they had on them and put them in one of the cupboards. Take the body and place it in the sauna and set the sauna to 1000. Then go to the kitchen and remove the cake from the oven. If there is still time left then you may end the night phase here.

    This is a very simple example so you can have much more complicated plans than that.

    Spoiler: It is like a normal dangan robota except:
  • You cannot see what happens to your robot. The victim and murderer don't get told that they are the victim and murderer.
  • The night phase is 1 hour long and split into 5 minute intervals. Robots start in the bar.
  • The trial is to work out which player died during the night rather than who did the murder.
  • Robots are identical and you cannot distinguish between them, even during investigation.


Players (0/6):


    Spoiler: Image

Map Details
    Spoiler: General
    Doors are manually opened by button press. They close themselves behind you. You cannot lock doors. Doors open by sliding upwards.
    Unless otherwise stated, assume all walls, ceilings and floors are made of steel.
    All appliances and machines are functional unless the power to the room they are in is turned off.
    For purposes of vision, assume all rooms are well lit.
    The station has gravity and air.

    Wood planks are piled in the corner of this room. There is an automatic saw and abdisk sander. There are also hammers, handheld saws, power drills, files, screwdrivers, sandpaper, nails, screws, tape and other woodworking equipment. Finally there are tables to work at along with vices and clamps to hold the wood.

    Emergency supplies
    This contains all the equipment that would be needed in an emergency. A shelving unit contains first aid kits, bandages, plasters, painkillers, antibacterial tablets, antiseptic, an inhaler, and other medical supplies. The draws at the bottom contain a scalpel, blood bags, empty syringes, and several full syringes with sleep inducing drugs. A second shelving unit adjacent to it contains two oxygen tanks with masks, two space suits, and a welder. There is also a glass cabinet, which appears to be locked, containing two small fire extinguishers, an empty fire bucket, a fire hose and a fireaxe. There is a water outlet outside the cabinet, which is controlled by a valve.

    The entire room is a sauna, with a pool in the center. A number pad lays on one of the walls and gives the option to enter a numerical temperature for the sauna. Unfortunately, it does not specify the unit which the temperature is in. It also does not appear to specify a maximum or minimum temperature.

    The room has a range of exercise machines including running machines, cycling machines and rowing machines. There are also a range of lifting weights and dumbbells available.

    The room is made out of wood with wooden tables and chairs laid out across the floor. The bar itself is unstaffed, but has a range of drinks available along with some snacks. An empty shotgun rests behind the bar.

    Gaming Room
    There are several wooden tables and chairs with cards laid out ready to play card games. There is a wooden pool table by the side of the room. There is also a slot machine but you are not sure what you are supposed to insert into the coin slot as there are no coins around.

    There is an assortment of books on a variety of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction. They are on shelves and sorted alphabetically. There is a single reading desk by the side of the room with a lamp. The walls, floor and furnature are all wooden.

    There is a fridge a freezer cupboards containing snacks, microwavable ready-meals, as well as a large variety of ingredients which could make almost any dish. There are draws with cutlery and cooking utensils as well as 2 sharp knives. Pots, pans and other basic kitchen equipment are available too. There is a microwave, a kettle and large electric oven with a hob.

    Science Lab
    The science lab has a chemistry lab with the normal equipment you would expect to find in a chemistry lab. It also has the chemicals you would expect in a chemistry lab including a number of acids, bases and other hazardous chemicals. In addition to this there is a biology lab with a microscope, several petri dishes, including one labeled 'do not open', and various plants. Finally, there is also a telescope.

    Electrics Room
    There is a generator which gives out a loud hum. The generator has a large lever on it, with the top labeled 'ON' and the bottom labeled 'OFF'. It is currently set to 'ON'. There are many wires coming out of the generator which feed along the ceiling and across the room to a wall of sockets, with a pair of wires going into a socket corresponding to each room. There are also two severed wires coming out opposite sides of the generator, one marked '+' and the other '-'. These wires look long enough to drag into the adjacent rooms.

    This room is mainly bare with a large, steel airlock on the far wall. There is a panel to the right of the airlock with a button labeled 'open'.

    Outside the spacestation
    We do not reccomend leaving the spacestation.

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Re: Dangan Robota: Dark Side of The Moon

Postby squosher » Sat Jun 15, 2019 8:44 am

I had this idea for this variant version of dangan robota a while back. I have tried to balance it the best I can, but there are multiple untested mechanics in the game so it might be unbalanced. Nevertheless, I think it is worth giving it a try.
I usually go by Stereokuma in-game.

I am Nathan in DR-XXIII.

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Re: Dangan Robota: Dark Side of The Moon (0/6)

Postby Chemist1422 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:12 am

Would join, but don't think I'd be able to be active enough given that Hawk and I are hosting as well
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