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Postby Flake » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:02 am

Role Idea Archives FAQ

If you feel that there are any missing questions or there is an error, please Private Message the Role Ideas Moderators and they will amend this FAQ accordingly.

Under what circumstances will a thread be moved to the Role Idea Archives?

If a thread in the Role Ideas Forum meets one of these criteria it will be moved to the Role Idea Archives:

  1. A post hasn't been made on the thread for over 3 months.
  2. The thread has derailed from it's original topic.
  3. The thread violates a Forum Rule.
  4. The author of the thread has locked the topic.

I want to make changes to my idea and/or get new opinions on it, but it's in the Role Idea Archives. What do I do?

You may Private Message any of the Role Ideas Moderators and ask them to move the thread back to the main Role Ideas Forum. However, the Role Ideas Moderators reserve the right to reject your request, especially in cases where the thread in question violates a Forum Rule or the thread has derailed from it's original topic. If your request has been rejected, you can always make a new thread using the same idea.

Will the Role Ideas Moderators allow me to move someone else’s thread from the Role Idea Archives so I can suggest changes?

No. This is mainly because many of the threads in the Role Idea Archives have authors who are no longer active; if the author is not there to make changes in the first place, suggesting things to be changed is pointless. However, you can always ask the author of the role idea to ask the Role Ideas Moderators to move the thread from the Role Idea Archives so that you can suggest changes. You can also make a new thread making changes to a role idea in the Role Idea Archives, so long as you give credit to the creator of said role idea.
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