Role Idea: Conscripter/War (Neutral Chaos)

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Role Idea: Conscripter/War (Neutral Chaos)

Postby screeee » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:44 pm

Alignment: Neutral Chaos
Attack: none
Defence: basic
Abilities: every night pick 3 people who haven't been conscripted, to conscript.
Attributes: The first person will be part of team GREEN
The second person will become part of team RED
The third person will be part of team BLUE
They won't notify the targets that they have been conscripted.
They will show up as their team colour in your player list.
When all living players except for the Jester and Executioner have been conscripted at the beginning of the day, you become War.
Notifications: You have convinced (target name) to join team (insert team colour here)! (When you conscript someone)
War has broke out! (Global message, upon becoming War)
Goal: Make everyone turn against one another.
Special attributes: Unique and Control immune
Additional notes: If you don't use your ability, you will use it on a random person. You will still be notified who you conscripted. You also cannot select the same person twice in one night. If Transporter makes it so the Conscripter conscripts themselves, a random person will be conscripted instead. The Jester and Executioner can not be conscripted. If you try to conscript them, it will conscript a random person. You cannot be the Guardian Angel's target. If upon becoming War, the teams are uneven, the game will automatically make it so it is as even as possible. Example: the teams are 3,4,5. The game moves a member from the third team to the first team making it 4,4,4. If the game is 2,3,3 the game will do nothing as it is as even as possible.
Investigator results: Escort, Transporter, Consort, Hypnotist and Conscripter.
Sheriff: NS
Consigliere: Your target is trying to start a war. They must be a Conscripter!

War, The Second Horseman of the Apocalypse
Alignment: Neutral Chaos
Attack: none
Defence: Invincible
Upon becoming War, all players' alignment change to that of their team.
Their goal changes to: Be the team that wins the war.
During the night, there will be a team chat.
There is no Vampire, Mafia, or Coven chat.
People are told the names and roles of everyone in their team, in the same way the Mafia/Coven are.
War can see all chats at the same time, with everyone's names coloured in their team colour. They cannot type in these chats though.
When War breaks out, War gets to see everyone's roles and team. War must then pick a team. This must be done during the discussion phase of that same day. If you do not pick by then, the game will randomly pick. If that team wins, War wins. All the members of the other two teams that weren't picked get an extra defence level which will last until: either 2 nights have passed,
they are attacked once,
or when they are put up to the stand.
This is to balance the fact that War will hand pick each team so that the one he picks will always win.
All changes to roles:
Vigilante: If a Vigilante shoots a Town, then provided they are not in the same team, they will not die of guilt. If they shoot any member of their own team, they will die of guilt.
Jailor: Basically the same as the Vigilante change. When jailing, cannot see the team chat.
Spy: instead of seeing Mafia/Coven visits, you see the visits of the other team.
Vampire hunter: you get to see whatever the vampires say, regardless of team. If the only vampires are in your team, you will turn to vigi.
Retributionist: Revive any member of your team. You sacrifice yourself to do so though.
Medium: Can see the dead chat but can't speak to them. When the night starts, the dead will be notified that there is a medium.
Sheriff: As well as saying whether they are Mafia/Coven, say what team they are in.
Psychic: Only other team's names will appear in visions. Every odd night you will get 3 names. At least one of those is a killing role. This includes Jailor and Town Killing. On even nights, you get 2 names. At least one of these is a role with the capacity to heal/protect. This includes the Potion master or Town Protective.
Mafioso: Not listen to Godfather orders if the Godfather is in a different team. If the Godfather is in a different team and dies, you do not get promoted to Godfather.
Amnesiac: Amnesiacs cannot remember they were like the Jester and Executioner. This is because they cannot side with a team.
Guardian Angel: automatically join their target's team.
Hex Master: you must hex all people not in your team excluding War for the unstoppable attack to commence.
Necronomicon:Will be given to a Coven member in each team. There will be 1 Necronomicon per team.

War itself has one special attribute. Any action done to it will reflect back on the player. This affects any night ability except for Jester's haunt and Hexing. For these abilities and day abilities, or if the reflection isn't possible (reflecting onto a Transporter who has already selected themselves), they will be done to a random player. You will not be notified that War relfected your action. If you heal/protect War, it does not use a vest/self-heal. The team that War favours will be told who War is. War must try it's best to get it's team victorious. If War dies, War can still win. It is merely a spectator placing a bet on who they think will survive.

Notifications: (War's name), the spirit of War, has graced you with his favor. (To the team that War selects, when he selects them)
War has deemed you unworthy. Your determination to prove him wrong gives you temporary defence! (To the team that War does not select, when he selects)
War: I see my prediction was wrong. The (team colour here) team has fallen. At least it is fun to watch you pitiful humans fight. (global message when the team that has War's favor loses.)

There are no invest results as any investigative roles checking it will check themselves.

I know that this role probably breaks 2 role-making rules: Changing alignment and it being too difficult to code.
As for the alignment rule, I think that this is appropriate for the physical manifestation of War itself, forcing people to fight among themselves. I wanted the Horsemen to be vastly different from one another, as Pestilence is, in essence, a buffed Neutral Killing role.
As for the second, I accept that this will probably not be added in the game because of the difficulty it would take to implement this role.

Last note: Only 1 horseman can be in a game. Otherwise, the game will get too chaotic.

This is my first role idea so suggestions will be appreciated!

Due to the nature of this role, if it is to be implemented, it might have to be its own seperate gamemode
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Re: Role Idea: Conscripter/War (Neutral Chaos)

Postby screeee » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:19 am

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