Jailor - Town Power/Killing (Nerf)

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Jailor - Town Power/Killing (Nerf)

Postby DragonClaw66 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:57 am

(1) If a Town member attempts to use their ability on a jailed target, their ability will fail. They will be prompted this message: "Your ability failed because your target was in jail." If a non-Town role attempts to use their ability on a jailed target, their ability will succeed. They will be prompted this message: "Your target was in jail."
(2) Jailed targets are only given basic defense, not powerful.
(3) The jailed target is no longer informed of anything that happened to them (attempted attacks, attempted roleblocks, etc).
(4) The jailed target will not see the Jailor's execution decision.
(5) The Psychic cannot have a vision of a jailed player.
Obviously, some evil roles will have their abilities fail (or partially fail). For example, the Hypnotist still cannot hypnotize jailed players because jailed players can no longer be given notifications. The Witch cannot control their target into visiting a player because jailing counts as a roleblock, however, they will still learn the role. If you are confused on a role's interaction with a jailed target, ask.
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Re: Jailor - Town Power/Killing (Nerf)

Postby Mystoc » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:47 pm

almost none of these are nerfs it just takes away QoL info its hurts jailor but not much, i think jailing should give no defense it what i did in my rework jailor should not act as an town TP it already does enough
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