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FM Game Archive

Postby moonbird » Thu May 21, 2015 10:40 pm

This is the FM Game Archive.
Click a link to any game you want to read and have fun!

Episodic/Regular Games

Episode I | [Town Wins]
Episode II | And Cerilium's Role is-! [Town Wins]
Game 2B | Murphy's Law [Town Wins]
Game 2C | Never Trust Rick [SK & Exe Win]
Game 2D | Cerilium Lives?! [Mafia Wins]
Episode III | Short Days, Unlucky Mafia and GIFs [Arso Wins]
Game 3B | I'm the Bomber! [Town Wins]
Game 3C | FM the Encyclopedia [Town Wins]
Episode IV | 10/10 Would Witch Again [Town Wins]
Game 4B | Herps, Derps, and Fails - Full Time! [Mafia Wins]
Game 4C | We Broke FM!!! [Draw]
Game 4D | Explosive Anti-Heroes [Mafia Wins]
Game 4E | Marathon Achievement [Town & Exe Win]
Episode V | The Power of the Town Side [Town Wins]
Game 5B | Cringe Worthy (All Any) [Mafia Wins]
Game 5C | Dot-Code [Mafia/Phantom/Jester Win]
Game 5D | Whoreolian strikes again! [Town Wins]
Game 5E | Russian Rabbits and Chinese Takeout! (Dual Mafia) [Town Wins]
Game 5F | The Town that Cried Wolf [Mafia Wins]
Game 5G | The Whores Strike Back! [Town & Jesters win]
Episode VI | Watermelon Win [Town & Jester Win]
Game 6B | Gone Fishin'! [Mafia/Witch/Exe Win]
Game 6C | 5-5-5 The Muffins Have Died [Town Wins]
Game 6D | Groundhog Day [Mafia & Survivor Win]
Game 6E | Fool Me Thrice [Mafia & Exe Win]
Game 6F | Tumbleweeds [Town Wins]
Game 6G | The Witcher [Mafia/Witch/Jester Win]
Episode VII | [Mafia/Executioner/Phantom Win]
Game 7B | [Town, Jester, Phantom Win!]
Game 7C | The Titanic (Hydra) [Mafia and Witch Win]
Game 7D | The Power of Dark Side (Battlestar Galactica) [Cylons Win]
Game 7E | [Town and Survivor Win]
Game 7F | "Cowkrieg" [Town/Executioner/Survivor Win]
Game 7R | [Serial Killer and Phantom Win!]
Game 7G | [Bomber and Jester Win]
Game 7H | "An Arcane's Revenge" [Mafia Wins]
Game 7I | Dual Mafia 2 [Triads Win]
Episode VIII | [Town/Jester/Phantom Win]
Game 8B | [Town Wins]
Game 8C | [Mafia+Exe Win]
Game 8D Star Wars[Light side Wins]
Game 8E | SitS[Town/Jester Win]
Game 8F | Hydra 2[Town Wins]
Game 8G | [Town Wins]
Episode IX | [Bomber Wins]
Game 9B (SP) | Vanilla [Town Wins]
Game 9C (MC) | March Madness [Mafia/Exe Win]
Game 9D (CL) | Nostalgia[Town Wins]
Game 9E (MC) | Bad to Norse [Detonator Wins]
Game 9F (MC) | Didney Worl [Town Wins]
Game 9G (CL) | Ice Cream Mafia [Serial Killers Win]
Episode X | [Town Win]
Game 10B (SP) | A Parable [Town Win]
Game 10C (MC) | Matrix Reloaded [Mafia/Witch Win]
Game 10D (MC) | Detownator [Town/Jester Win]
Game 10E (MC) | A Fantasy (Host: Swordsworth) [Mafia/Warlock/Clerk Win]
Game 10F (CL) | Where Did We Go Wrong (Host: Kirize12/Santa07) [Town/Survivor/Phantom/Exe Win]
Game 10G (CL) | A Trip Back in Time (Host: SirCakez) [Town/Survivor Win]
Episode XI | [Town Wins]
Game 11B (SP) | Conflicting Influences [Mafia Wins]
Game 11C (CL) | Into the Valley (Host: ICECLIMBERS) [Town wins]
Game 11D (SP) | Showstopper (Host: Hiphoplog) [Town wins]
Game 11E (HC) | Return of the Werewolf (Host: chitownmvp01) [Mafia/Warlock/Phantom Win]
Game 11F (HC) | Balance in all Things [Town Win]
Game 11G (HC) | Deafened (Host: Jackoderp) [Town/Shade Win] (NOTE: Game thread is deleted)
Game 11H (HC) | The Wild Side (Host: SirCakez) [Mafia/Phantom Win]
Episode XII | [Town Wins]
Game 12B | Overgrowth (Host: ICECLIMBERS) [Town Wins]
Game 12C | Rise of the Supervillains [Serial Killer/Kleptomaniac Win]
Game 12D | Hydra FM (Hosts: Ladd & JackoDerp) [Mafia/Witch Win]
Game 12E | Treacherous Temple (Hosts: MichaelgRook & Lexiam) [Town/Jester/Survivor Win]
Game 12F | The Velvet Room (Hosts: parkerparkour & Leyva45) [Serial Killer/Jester Win]
Game 12G | Traitor 2.0 (Hosts: ObiWan & Melanora) [Town Win]
Game 12H | Birb FM (Hosts: JammySplodge) [Town Win]
Episode XIII | [Mafia Win]
Game 13B | The Decision Game (Host: Schultz128) [Mafia/Double/Witch Win]
Game 13C | Hydra 4 (Hosts: xUltiix & chitownmvp01) [Serial Killer/Clerk Win]
Game 13D | Just Desserts (Host: SirCakez) [Town/Amne Win]
Game 13E | Sentinel Infiltration (Hosts: TrueGent & TheParanoidAndroid) [Mafia/Klepto Win]
Game 13F | Dual Mafia III (Host: xUltiix) [Canned]
Game 13G | No Regrets (Host: Varanus) [Town Win]
Game 13H | LoLFM (Host: heytheregirl17) [Mafia/Witch/Shade Win]
Game 13I | Rustic [Town Win]
Episode XIV | [Town Win]
Game 14B | (Host: xUltiix) [Town and Phantom Win]
Game 14C | Pride Rock [Mafia, Warlock, and Traitor Win]
Game 14D | Revolutions (Host: ICECLIMBERS) [Mafia and Witch Win]
Game 14E | A Toast to Coolway99 and hippophant (Host: TiltedComedian) [Mafia, Shade, Witch, and Jester Win]
Game 14F | Book of Genesis (Host: ChubbyMooshroom9) [Mafia and Witch Win]
Game 14G | Vanilla the Secondth (Host: TeamMystic) [Bomber Win]
Game 14H | Aboard the Mud Whale [April Fools]
Episode XV [Mafia and Witch Win]
Game 15B | Treacherous Temple II (Host: MichaelgRook) [Town Win]
Game 15C | The Neverending Story (Host: SirCakez) [Detonator and Shade Win]
Game 15D | KH:FM (Host: TheWabbit & Jezz92) [Town and Phantom Win]
Game 15E | LoTR (Host: Eragon1329 & ManateeDude) [Canned]
Game 15F | Terrorist FM (Host: xUltiix & M4xwell) [Bomber Win]
Episode XVI | [Town Win]
Game 16B | Change of Pace | [Town Win]
Game 8M | Octopath Traveller (Host: Swordsworth| [Town Win] (Moderator Game)
Game 16C | Pokemon FM 3 (Host: ZoruaLuhansk) | [NK/Witch Win]
Game 16D | For All Intents and Purposes | [Mafia Win]
Game 16E | Dragon Age FM (Host: Jalandh & Eragon1329) | [Mafia Win]
Game 16F | Chrono Trigger FM (Host: Chemist1422 & non271103) | [Canned]
Game 16G | C9# (Host: EvanManManMan) | [Town Win]
Episode XVII | [Town Win]
Game 17B | Spooky's Mafia (Host: LinearPoint) | [Town Win]
Game 17C | Regular Game (Hosts: Phone0Ix, Kears123) | [Ongoing]
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FM Game Archive

Postby moonbird » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:29 pm

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Re: FM Game Archive

Postby moonbird » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:30 pm

Special FM Games

SFM1 | All-Star Game: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ [Town Wins]
SFM2 | Rainbow I: The YOLO Games [SK Wins]
SFM3 | Slow FM [Mafia Wins]
SFM4 | Guzame's Farewell [Town Wins]
SFM5 | Rainbow II [Cancelled]
SFM6 | Virtual Small Town [Mafia and Jester Win]
SFM7 | Anarchy Raines [Neutral Win]
SFM8 | Famine [Town Wins]
SFM9 | Rota Fortunae [Mafia Wins]
SFM10 | A Bolt from Blazblue [Town Wins]
SFM11 | Halloween Special [Mafia Wins]
SFM12 | Mega Mystery Mafia [Mafia Wins]
ASG 2 [Town Wins]
SFM13 | Council of Five [Town, Exe and Phantom Win]
SFM14 | Fire Emblem: Edge of an Era [Town Wins]
SFM15 | Invenio's Insidious Inventory [Mafia Wins]
SFM 16 | Grand Idea Mafia [Town Wins]
AFFM - April's Fools [ObiWan Wins] (Not a SFM)
SFM17 | Traitor Mafia [Mafia/Traitors win]
SFM18 | JonTronFM [Town Wins]
SFM19 | Disgaea FM [Town Win]
SFM20 | Grand Idea Mafia 2 [Moonora Win]
SFM21 | Persona FM [Shadow Operatives Win]
SFM22 | GIM3 | (Host: JammySplodge) [Bomber Win]
SFM23 | Bleed Me Dry | (Host: milte345) [British Win]
SFM24 | Chrono Fiction [Minority Wins]
SFM25 | Twilight Zone | (Host: Alzar) [Fractured Win]
SFM26 | Salem Apocalypse III | (Host: Santa07) [Town/Zombies Win]
SFM27 | Lose/Lose | (Hosts: moonbird & Swordsworth) [Mafia/Neutral Evil Win]
SFM28 | VCFM (Hosts: Metrion, TrueGent, and Swordsworth) [Rebels/Empire/Feds Win]
SFM29 | Make a Mafia (Host: ZSSDistortion) [Moles and Rogue Agents Win]
SFM30 | Hotline Miami Forum Mafia (Hosts: PolyesterHomes & JackoDerp) [Town Win]
SFM31 | GIM4 (Host: moonbird) [Town/D-Class Subject Win]
SFM32 | Bionicle 2 [Infected Win]
SFM33 | Alphabet Mafia (Host: JammySplodge) [Town Win]
SFM34 | DrCowMD's Wild Ride (Host: TheCow) [Wolves Win]
SFM35 | B+F (Host: TheParanoidAndroid) [Town/NB Win]
SFM36 | Blazblue 3: Back to the Blue (Hosts: Metrion, TentGrue) [Town Win]
SFM37 | Pathogenesis 2: Revelations (Hosts: TheCow, TentGrue) [Canned]
SFM38 | Mega Man Starforce 3 [Canned]
SFM39 | LoLFM (Hosts: ryanyb, FMLSheWas12) [Town Win]
SFM40 | GIM Electric Boogaloo [Kirby, MC Hammer, and Cowboy Win]
SFM41 | ∅ ((Technically) Hosts: Schultz128, Varanus) [Neutral Win]
SFM42 | Danganronpa V3 (Hosts: TorqueRxF, milte345, RHawkeye) [Students Win]
SFM43 | Cykotine Storm (Hosts: enderitem, Schultz128, alzar) - See GFM2
SFM44 | Steins;Gate (Host: TorqueRxF) [Lab Members Win]
SFM45 | Think Twice (Host: MafiaMenace) [Town Wins]
SFM46 | My Hero Academia [League Of Villains + Rogues Win]
SFM47 | GIM 6 (Eventual host: EvanManManMan) [Town/Phantom Win]
SFM48 | AWoNNSB (Host: milte345) [Ongoing]
SFM49 | League Of Losers (Host: FMLSheWas12) [Ongoing]
SFM50 | Okami FM [Demons Win]
SFM51 | MLP FM (Host: ElusiveBelle) [Resistance Wins]
SFM52 | Bastard Mess (Host: EvanManManMan) [Red Mafia Wins]
SFM53 | UPick Madness (Hosts: Eragon1329, Chemist1422) [Town Win]
SFM54 | My Hero Academia Redux [Canned]
SFM55 | Auction House Mafia (Host: TorqueRxF) [Ongoing]
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Re: FM Game Archive

Postby moonbird » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:31 pm

TFM Games

TFM1 | Town of Vengeance | Bear Meat [Mafia Wins]
TFM2 | An Act of Justice | Check Out These Charts [Exe Wins]
TFM3 | Resolve - Can You Pull The Trigger? [Exe Wins]
TFM4 | Snake Eater [Snake Eater Wins]
TFM5 | The Heist [Robbers Win]
TFM6 | Won't You Be My Neighbour? [Fire Faction & Cultist Wins]
TFM7 | Mini-Rainbow [Arso & Survivor Win]
TFM8 | Sibling Showdown [Siblings Win]
TFM9 | Deliverance [Curse Broken]
TFM10 | Asylum [Town Wins]
TFM11 | Shenanigans [Mafia Wins]
TFM12 | Majora's Magnificence [Town Wins]
TFM13 | Popcorn Mafia [Town Wins]
TFM14 | The Rift [Insanity Wins]
TFM15 | Alternating TFM [Mafia Wins]
TFM16 | GIM [Arsonist Wins]
TFM17 | Dark World Mafia [Town Wins/Town Wins]
TFM18 | AoM: War of the Titans [Titans Win]
TFM19 | Starship Epiphron [Aliens Win]
TFM20 | Treachery [Mafia Wins]
TFM21 | Turbo Dismount [Mafia Wins]
TFM22 | MiniGIM2 [Mafia Wins]
TFM23 | DWM2 [Town Wins/Mafia Wins]
TFM24 | MiniGIM3 [Mafia Wins]
TFM25 | UPick [Town Wins]
TFM26 | TheyPick [Mafia/Stranger Wins]
TFM27 | LynchPin (Host: Varanus) [Town Wins]
TFM28 | UPick (Host: Varanus) [Mafia Wins]
TFM29 | Copmania (Host: JammySplodge) [Mafia Wins]
TFM30 | Donner Party (Host: ladd) [Mafia Win]
TFM31 | MMM [Mafia Wins]
TFM32 | Vengeball (Host: Jordarrian) [Blue Mafia Wins]
TFM33 | High Noon (Host: Hiphoplog) [Outlaws Win]
TFM34 | Hard Boiled (Host: chitownmvp01) [Town Wins]
TFM35 | House of Ice and Fire (Host: Swordsworth) [Town Wins]
TFM36 | MiniGIM4 [Mafia Wins]
TFM37 | Avalon (Host: TorqueRxF) [Minions Win]
TFM38 | Just Kidding (Host: FMLSheWas12) [Mafia Win]
TFM39 | Communism UPick (Host: Schultz128) [Mafia Win]
TFM40 | Arsonists Unite [Town Win]
TFM41 | Random Pick (Host: Milte345) [Town Win]
TFM42 | Twin Peaks TFM (Host: ICECLIMBERS) [Town Win]
TFM43 | Liar (Host: TheCow) [Catalyst and Rot Win]
TFM44 | Birthday Bash (Hosts: Swordsworth & melanora) [Town Wins]
TFM45 | TheyPick (Host: JackoDerp) [Town Win] (NOTE: Game thread was deleted)
TFM46 | Vengball 2 (Host: Jordarrian) [Blue Mafia Win]
TFM47 | Town of Salem Mafia (Host: CatgirlMaple) [Town Win]
TFM48 | LadyFM [Mafia Win]
TFM49 | Kiniro Shisaic (Host: milte345) [Mafia Win]
TFM50 | ManFM (Hosts: Schultz128 & Leyva45) [Mafia Win]
TFM51 | Wonderland (Hosts: TheWabbit & Jezz92) [Resistance Win]
TFM52 | Skullgirls (Host: TheCow) [Usurper/Fanfics Win]
TFM53 | School FM (Host: Dragonfire77111) [Town Win]
TFM54 | Liar 2 (Host: TheCow) [Spirits Win]
TFM55 | GIM (Host: ICECLIMBERS) [Town/Jester Win]
TFM56 | ToS2: Coven (Host: TheCow) [Town Win]
TFM57 | Fate/UPick (Host: TorqueRxF) [Town Win]
TFM58 | Killing Stalking (Hosts: Schultz128 & TheParanoidAndroid) [Killer Win]
TFM59 | Birthday Twins UPick II (Hosts: Schultz128 & Kmenx) [Town Win]
TFM60 | Vengeball 3.0 (Host: TeamMystic) [Town Win]
TFM61 | Smalltown of Salem [Town Win]
TFM62 | The Forrest Kingdom (Host: RHawkeye) [Android Win]
TFM63 | Stranger Things (Host: Schultz128) [Canned {Town Win}]
TFM64 | UPick (Host: Varanus) [Mafia Win]
TFM65 | Stack The Deck (Host: MaccaMania) [Town Win]
TFM66 | Salem Witch Trials (Host: FMLSheWas12) [Mafia Win]
TFM67 | Hotel Mario (Host: ZSSDistortion) [Town Win]
TFM68 | GIM Pick (Host: chitownmvp01) [Town, Evan, and Uzay Win]
TFM69 | ASG3 (Host: Alzar) [Town Win]
TFM70 | True UPick 2 (Hosts: Varanus, TeamMystic) [Town Win]
TFM71 | True UPick 2.5 (Hosts: Schultz128, Varanus) [Mafia Win]
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Re: FM Game Archive

Postby moonbird » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:31 pm

VFM Games

VFM1 | Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Host: ZSSDistortion) [Town Wins]
VFM2 (Host: Lexiam) [Town Wins]
VFM3 (Host: Jordarrian) [Mafia Wins]
VFM4 (Host: TorqueRxF/TiltedComedian) [Mafia Wins]
VFM5 (Host: Moonbird) [A-Mafia Win]
VFM6 | Collusion [Town Win]
VFM7 (Host: alex1234321) [Mafia Win]
VFM8 | Crab time (Host: RhazhBash/Alzar) [Mafia Win]
VFM9 [Town Win]
VFM10 (Host: Lexiam) [Mafia Win]
VFM11 | (Host: chitownmvp01) [Town Win]
VFM12 | Electric Boogaloo [Town Win]
VFM13 | Goku's Adventure (Host: murat1996) [Mafia Win]
VFM14 | (Host: TorqueRxF) [Town Win]
VFM15 | -less [Mafia Win]
VFM16 | HydraQuest (Hosts: ZSSDistortion & MichaelgRook) [Town Win]
VFM17 | Thiercelieux (Host: ICECLIMBERS) [Village Win]
VFM18 | Noir [Town]
VFM19 | Pure Vanilla (Hosts:JamesD28 & Jezz92) [Mafia Win]
VFM20 | Red Pandas (Host: s0me0ne23) [Mafia Win]
VFM21 | In Space (Host: MichaelgRook) [Canned]
VFM22 | Switch n' Stitch (Host: Schultz128) [Mafia/Serial Killer Win]
VFM23 | Black Friday (Host: RHawkeye) [Mafia Win]
VFM24 | Charge Me Up! (Host: Schultz128) & Leyva45) [Mafia Win]
VFM25 | And Then There Were None (Hosts: Multiuniverse & Jezz92) [Scum Win]
VFM26 | Friendly Neighbourhood (Hosts: Ralozey & moonbird) [Town Win]
VFM27 | FM The Musical (Host: mbd1023) [Mafia/Serial Killer Win]
VFM28 | White Flag (Host: JamesD28) [Mafia Win]
VFM29 | Deemo FM (Host: ZSSDistortion) [Town Win]
VFM30 | Flavorless (Host: MafiaMenace) [Town Win]
VFM31 | Hydra Boogaloo (Host: EvanManManMan) [Canned]
VFM32 | Pick your Spice (Host: non271103) [Town Win]
VFM33 | Popcorn Mafia (Host: Bottlenose) [Mafia Win]
VFM34 | Purgatory (Host: ejjinami) [Mafia Win]
VFM35 | Pokemon FM (Host: Eragon1239) [Mafia Win]
VFM36 | Kill All Townies [Mafia Win]
VFM37 | The Neighbourhood (Host: Crimson97) [Mafia Win]
VFM38 | Seacow Mafia (Host: ManateeDude) [Mafia Win]
VFM39 | (Host: MafiaMenace) [Mafia Win]
VFM40 | Salem Witch Trials II (Host: FMLSheWas12) [Mafia Win]
VFM41 | how to play a game without really trying (Host: moonbird) [Mafia Win]
VFM42 | sassy title here (Host: lemonader666) [Mafia Win]
VFM43 | No Hope (Plus One) [Town Win]
VFM44 | Double The Fun (Hosts: Chemist1422 & Jamezbeast) [Mafia Win]
VFM45 | Purgatory 2: Electric Boogaloo (Host: non271103) [Town Win]
VFM46 | Scotland [Mafia Win]
VFM47 | Super Mafia """""All Stars""""" (Host: EvanManManMan) [Mafia Win]
VFM48 | Transistor FM (Host: Crimson97) [Mafia Win]
VFM49 | Switch FM (Host: 0verki11) [SK Win]
VFM50 | DOOM [Mafia Win]
VFM51 | Discord (Host: S0me0ne23) [Canned]
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Re: FM Game Archive

Postby moonbird » Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:32 pm

NFM Games

NFM1 | [Towns/Exe Wins]
NFM2 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM3 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM4 | [Town Wins]
NFM5 | [Mafia Wins]
NFM6 | [Town Wins]
NFM7 | [Town Wins]
NFM8 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM9 | [Town Wins]
NFM10 | [Town Wins]
NFM11 | [Mafia Wins]
NFM12 | [Town Wins]
NFM13 | [Draw]
NFM14 | [Mafia Wins]
NFM15 | [Town Wins]
NFM16 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM17 | [Mafia Wins]
NFM18 | [Mafia Wins]
NFM19 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM20 | [Town Wins]
NFM21 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM22 | [Mafia Wins]
NFM23 | [Town Wins]
NFM24 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM25 | [Mafia Wins]
NFM26 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM27 | [Mafia/Witch Win]
NFM28 | [Town Wins]
NFM29 (Host: Varanus) | [Town Wins]
NFM30 (Host: Lexiam) | [Town Wins]
NFM31 (Host: Varanus) | [Mafia Wins]
NFM32 | [Town Wins]
NFM33 | [Town Wins]
NFM34 (Host: RhazhBash) | [Town Wins]
NFM35 | [Town Wins]
NFM36 (Host: SirCakez) | [Town Wins]
NFM37 (Host: Ralozey) | [Town Wins]
NFM38 (Host: chitownmvp01) | [Arsonist Wins]
NFM39 | [Mafia Wins]
NFM40 (Host: JammySplodge) | [Mafia + Witch Wins]
NFM41 (Host: RhazhBash) | [Mafia Wins]
NFM42 | [Mafia + Witch Wins]
NFM43 (Host: SirCakez) | [Town Wins]
NFM44 (Host: chitownmvp01) | [Mafia Wins]
NFM45 (Host: Jordarrian) | [Town Wins]
NFM46 (Host: Schultz128) | [Mafia Win]
NFM47 | [SK + Witch Win]
NFM48 (Host: ShortcutButton) | [Town Win]
NFM49 (Host: Lexiam) | [Town Win]
NFM50 | [Town Win]
NFM51 (Host: chitownmvp01) | [Town Win]
NFM52 (Host: M4xwell) | [Mafia Win]
NFM53 (Host: Lexiam) | [Town Win]
NFM54 | [Mafia Win]
NFM55 (Host: M4xwell) | [Mafia Win]
NFM56 (Host: JamesD28) | [Town Win]
NFM57 | [Town Win]
NFM58 (Host: chitownmvp01) | [Town Win]
NFM59 (Host: Veeena) | [Town Win]
NFM60] | [Town Win]
NFM61 (Host: TheWabbit) | [Town Win]
NFM62 (Host: Jalandh) | [Mafia Win]
NFM63 (Host: chitownmvp01) | [Mafia Win]
NFM64| [Mafia Win]
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