Testing Grounds Main Thread and Announcements

Test roles that have been suggested in simulated gameplay.

Testing Grounds Main Thread and Announcements

Postby Ralozey » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:02 pm

Welcome to the Testing Grounds!

The Testing Grounds (TG) is a relatively small community focused on examining and trialing user suggested roles to discover if they are suitable in a Town of Salem (ToS) environment. In the Role Ideas forum, people are free to invent their own roles, suggest edits to existing roles, and otherwise discuss alterations or additions to ToS.

How Does It Work?

Users may submit role concepts to a public poll, where fellow forum goers may vote for the roles they support. The most popular roles are thoroughly analysed by TG Balancers. The concepts which are the most balanced out of this selected group are named TG Concepts and are then regularly tested in TG Tests, ToS simulations hosted twice a week by TG Hosts members. Roles may also be tested in a TG Episode, a forum based game akin to Forum Mafia, where players and moderators determine whether a role works and if it is balanced sufficiently. Currently, there are around 25 accepted roles in TG.

TG, however, is not just for those who aspire to create roles. TG also offers the ability to play original roles, opportunities to debate controversial adjustments for ToS, and a welcoming community which aims to improve ToS as a whole.

As a TL;DR:
Spoiler: - People suggest roles they think are balanced.
- These roles are accepted if balanced in theory
- They are then tested to see if they are balanced in practice.
- Balanced roles are tested in a ToS-like environment, with ultimate goals of implementation in ToS.

Everything we do is to make ToS more balanced, both with roles and mechanics. So far, we've helped contribute Tracker, Hypnotist, Arsonist, Witch, and new Investigator results to ToS - with more minds, imagine what else we could do!

If you have any further questions, please PM any of the current Role Idea Moderators or take a look at our FAQ.

Useful Links

Important External Sites

Testing Grounds Client

Discord Server
(If this URL happens to be offline use this instead)

Testing Grounds Information and Directives

Testing Grounds Rules & FAQ

Testing Grounds Guide To Hosting Tests

How to Participate in TG Tests

Role Ideas Moderator Bios

Testing Grounds Role Creation and Information

Testing Grounds Role/Concept Poll

Testing Grounds Role/Concept Poll Guidelines

Testing Grounds Rolecards

Testing Grounds Investigation Results

Testing Grounds Testing Results

Testing Grounds Test Archive

Testing Grounds Episodes Results/Resources
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Re: Testing Grounds Main Thread and Announcements

Postby BS4125 » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:05 pm


This is where you find information on what we're going to be doing for this month. Here, we will be posting announcements about anything major in the Testing Grounds.

3/2/18 - TG Episode VIII Signups have been announced.
3/5/18 - TG Episode VIII has begun.

Any major forum announcements from Moderators will be issued on this thread as replies - keep your eyes peeled.
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Testing Grounds Banner

Postby BS4125 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:51 pm

The Testing Grounds Now Has A Banner!

Advertise and celebrate the likes of the Testing Grounds by including this banner in your signature, hyperlinked to send forumers to this page.


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lemonader666 wrote:
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BS4125 wrote:Please post relevant posts to the topic at hand and not digress. Also please explain your opinions otherwise your contribution is sub-zero.

Oooooooo Mister Power over here!

And would you look at that, I was on the forums longer then you.

But overall the role for this topic needs work, I mean it's so bad people would rather
get off topic lol.

solola is a mod you retard
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