Trial System Awareness

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Trial System Awareness

Postby Lexiam » Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:18 pm

The Trial System is a system BMG uses to filter reports so that the Judges and Moderators can easily look through multiple reports filed every day. How it works is that members of the community log into the Trial System here and after a brief tutorial, vote on reports as they come in. Reports can be voted Innocent, Guilty, or skipped if a user is unsure of it's validity. If a report gets voted Guilty by multiple members of the community, it is sent to the Judges who review the report before issuing a punishment. If a report gets voted Innocent by the community then the report is deemed innocent without any need for Judge or Moderator contribution. This system allows members of the community to have an active hand in showing what kind of behavior is allowed and what isn't tolerated in Town of Salem.

What you need: A ToS account with at least 151 games played that is not currently banned or suspended, a working internet connection, and some patience.

What you should have: First off, bluewave's script is a great tool to help judge reports faster. It auto-highlights the reported user, lists the mafia, vampires, and coven in boxes so you can easily see who they are, has a graveyard that fills up as you scroll through the report, skipping turkish reports, and much more. Seriously, this script is extremely helpful, everyone judging reports should use it.

Second, you should join the Trial System Discord. This discord is full of active jurors who can help you if you're unsure about a report, as well as GMods and a couple people fluent in Turkish.

Third, you should use the juror preferences located in the juror tab of the Trial System. These let you skip certain types of reports, so you can skip Turkish (unfortunately bugged atm, you'll still see some Turkish reports, use blue's script for that), skip coven, only do a certain type of report, etc. If you don't feel like looking through a bunch of gamethrowing reports, just skip them and get some spamming reports out of the way, those ones are pretty easy.

Town of Salem gets a lot of reports, which means that we need a lot of jurors going through the reports and filtering them. Every bit makes a difference, the more you vote the fewer trolls and gamethrowers you'll see in your games.

Happy Voting!
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