Players who make it personal

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Players who make it personal

Postby HulkSmash666 » Fri Jan 28, 2022 10:51 pm

Hey there

So the topic of todays rant is about players who make things personal.

To specify this is about Townie players, fair play for evil roles, do what you gotta do.

Now, I will be the first to admit that lying is part of the game, people's roles require lying. I'm fine with that.

What I'm talking about is when players make up lies about you to justify gamethrowing, being antagonistic, to harass you, or to just to get you lynched.

So a little background of my play style. I buy Vet scrolls......a LOT of Vet scrolls. I use the name "Kyle Rittenhouse".

I use that name because I know evil roles will get mad and want to take me out....I usually end day 1 saying "GLHF Everyone!" and go on Alert and often killing an evil role. Just like the real Kyle Rittenhouse, he was attacked, and he defended himself. I'm trying to show people the irony of their action when they attack me because of my name. I've been doing this for months now. What I didn't count on, however, are people who I've played against, and killed with that strat, then going onto being town roles and instantly rolecalling me and cc'ing whatever role I claim, calling me a racist, going out of their way just to get me lynched. I literally have a denied harassment report against me where they told the mods that I somehow got their IP and "pinged" their ISP, and I also used their actual real name in game. How did the mod who read (and thankfully denied that report) not go after the player who made that false report against me? Why is that ok to do with no consequence? I've had Investigators lie to mediums after they die saying I was a role I wasn't. I've had Lookouts tell mediums I visited the player who just died. I've had docs say they wont heal me because of my name when I've made my jailor claim. Most of all, townies who vote me up and when I question them why they say "i don't know, I just hate your name". Mind you most of the time by day 2 I'm already confirmed as town by whoever visited me that night and their wills indicated they visited me. They will say the most vile untrue things about me all because I've gotten them in the past. I even have players who team up and follow me around just to harass me and get me lynched. So when I get lynched by these towns folk and they see I'm a townie after I'm lynched they always say "he needed to go, he's racist". I report these players and nothing ever seem to happen.

Like I said above, I acknowledge this game requires lying, I love that about this game....but I hope you can all agree what I'm talking about is way beyond lying gameplay.

Before anyone says using that name I have to expect something to come of it. Yeah, I expect people to play the game, and not make up PERSONAL lies about me. To no go out of their way to get me killed because they visited me when I was vet and they died. To carry over hurt feelings from a previous game to the next.

Why is it ok for these townie players to do this to me? Why are they able to get away with it? I report them constantly, and I still match up with them daily. There has to be some sort of line between lying gameplay and going out of their way to ruin my game, and my reputation with lies.

Let me know what you think
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