Ban on leaving games?

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Ban on leaving games?

Postby TRSEric » Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:44 pm

Is there any update on banning leavers?

Leavers are at the point where this game is no longer much fun in classic.

There's no need to institute long term bans or tracking. The solution is incredibly simple. If you leave for any reason you are locked out for 10 or 20 minutes NO MATTER WHAT. Just like when you leave a lobby too quickly you're locked out for 15 seconds. They need a 10 minutes or better ban for anybody who leaves, to stop people from leaving until they get their favorite role. Those who have a flaky connection can still play at least one game or can just wait a while for the second or third game. If your internet is so flaky that the game becomes unplayable, then your internet connection is a nuisance to other players anyway.

This will immediately stop leavers who "don't like their role" because they either play it or they don't play at all for the time it takes to do a round.

Also, this doesn't need to affect ranked. If everyone's happy with how ranked plays then there's no need to mess with it.
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