Jailor Death Note Typo

Jailor Death Note Typo

Postby Dobbi124 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:25 pm

I am sorry I could not provide a screenshot, but you will just have to take my word on it.

So I was playing on the Public Test Version of this game, and I was Jailor. When you hover over the death note icon as the jailor, it shows "DeathNote", but it should be "Death Note"

My suggestion even though this is kind of off topic, the name for the Jailor's death note shouldn't be "Death Note", but maybe "Execution Note" or "Execution Letter". My personal thought.

I wish the game the best of luck!
Best Regards, Dobbi124
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Re: Jailor Death Note Typo

Postby Jerme » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:39 am

True it could/should be named different imo. Thanks for pointing it out.
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