Remove Placement Games

Remove Placement Games

Postby WittyRecluse » Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:03 pm

Placement Games may sound like a good idea in theory, but it doesn't work in practice. I tried PTR ranked a few times and lost 4/5 games due to bad teammates (the one win should have been a loss but the godfather gamethrew). Summary of the games:

1. I'm town, vig doesn't claim on stand d2 (isn't afk either, he has a full will) -> town loses majority and we lose.
2. I'm GF and push to lynch my consig d2 after he's voted up because it takes him 30 seconds to say "i'm sheriff" and he has no will -> he outs me on the stand and outs another mafia to med, we lose.
3. I'm vig, d2 the doctor is counterclaimed by 2 people, didn't claim until 30 seconds late on the stand, obviously gets lynched (also didn't post will). I shoot a nonvoter who never talked all game and abstained on the lynch, it's town, and jailor doesn't execute -> we miraculously win because gf throws by attacking the NE in a 2v2
4. I'm Consig, end up having to push a lynch on my other consig d2 because he posts investigator results that don't even exist on the stand. With the way that I calculated the game, we would have still won except that mafioso leaves and gf attacks obvious transported target.
5. I'm SK, town lynches obvious townies all day and then follows the obvious mafia (accused by confirmed sheriff) in lynching me. Mafia wins.

Games like these with terrible teammates can happen far too much to throw off a few games of data. Over time, your elo will balance out as this will happen to everyone, but in the span of 10 games, the results are going to be thrown off by luck way too much. One player in ranked (kosmo16) who is one of the best PTR players right now, got to 980 elo (or something like that) because of bad luck/teammates in her placement games. Just remove placement games and force people to earn the elo they get.

And no for the record i'm not some kind of terrible player blaming teammates for my losses. I was 2600+ elo last season and won the last TOS tournament in the high elo discord, but when you're playing with randoms instead of good players, you can't expect game results to be based on your own skill, it's instead based on teammates' lack of skill.

Side note, please change one mafia to NE on the rolelist. Mafia had a 45%ish winrate in RP where evils will frequently leave, play terribly, etc, in ranked it is even higher when evils actually know how to play and work together. Playing with 3 mafia and 2 NE encourages much more skillful gameplay from everyone.
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Re: Remove Placement Games

Postby Chancell0r » Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:24 pm

Ignore what elo is currently being given out in PTR as the devs have recognised the problem and are actively working on it.

I do agree that 10 placement games can be too swingy and would support an increase to 20 or even 15. Also if they don't want to replace RM with NE they should change one RT to TS.
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