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Bring back Vig N1 shooting

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:17 pm
by NettoTakashi
As is currently stands, a Vigilante controlled by CL N1 will NOT shoot anyone. However, the CL gets Consig results, and thus knows they've controlled a Vig anyway, and if they haven't Stoned the Vig (because, oh yeah, even without shooting, it still counts as a visit), they can easily just point the Vig at someone again N2 and screw town over the NEXT night. At least if Vig shoots N1, they can kill the Medusa, and NOT shooting N1 really doesn't save the town any trouble. With the current Vig setup, there is absolutely no risk to pointing random people at the Medusa N1 in Classic/VIP. Even if you do get the one role that can kill them, doing so N1 just makes the guy you controlled die, not also your Medusa.