Trial Master Suggestions List

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Trial Master Suggestions List

Postby LevinSnakesRise » Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:43 pm

Please use this to determine whether your suggestion has already been suggested before or not. Any duplicated suggestions will be merged into one thread, so please refer to this before posting. Thanks guys! :)

Additions to Reports
1a.) Add additional role selections, such as Escort and Doctor to the announcements in-game. (Depends on Blake/Josh's ability to add it to the generated reports.) 1b.) Mafioso/Mafia selections.
2.) Add Executioner Targets to report. (Again, requires Blake/Josh to add it to generated reports.)
3.) Add game mode to top of report, similar to "Ranked" message.
4.) Extend highlight feature to effect Whispers as well.
5.) Add both in-game name and username in the 'Duplicate this Report' option.
6.) Show the original role list and allow users to see what roles the players were before a change was made. (i.e: Mafioso becomes Godfather, Janitor becomes Mafioso, a town role is converted to Vampire and so on.) (Josh should be adding this soon. Turdpile will be checking with him on this.)
7.) Allow users who try to duplicate reports that have already been duplicated still count Guilty as if the user actually duplicated it.
8.) Show who's alive at a given day/moment in that game. (Confirmed, will be added as part of "add-ons" extension)
9.) Show the role of the user reported in the information provided about the report.
10.) Append killed user's role to death statement in reports. (Confirmed, will be added as part of "add-ons" extension)

General Trial System Changes
1.) Allow community members to see the outcome of reports they voted on. Guilty/Not Guilty. If Guilty, what punishment was given, etc. (Possibly final release.)
2.) Allow users to be notified when they've been logged out, and an option to re-connect without having to refresh the page.
3.) Incentives for completing reports. (Planned. 20 Merit Points per report.)
4.) Tooltip changes.
5.) Clicking on text in report will populate duplication for that user. (Confirmed)
6.) Juror profile addition: Add-ons. User can implement their own addons to make their voting easier. (Thinking about this)
7.) Additional Trial vote power to those with 1000+ TR. (Possibly final release.)

Filter Improvements/Suggestions
1.) Highlighter defaulted to ON.
2.) Add easy-to-open Reported player's last will button.

Suggestions Under Review
1.) Colored names corresponding to role and alignment.
2.) Have all information in separate columns.
3. Allow duplication on players who posted in the lobby as well.

If you see a suggestion that is missing, feel free to PM me with a link to the suggestion!
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