Trial system idea

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Trial system idea

Postby Torteno » Sun Sep 05, 2021 2:16 am

Could we get the players role (Look out, Mafioso, Poisoner, Guardian angle, Arsonist) in the "Player details" box for cases for cases that look like gamethrowing but arent (for example a dying mafioso saying someone is the godfather but the person mentioned is not the god father)

Edit: After going through a few more ive come up with a couple more ideas: show me the gamemode, and for games like Town Traitor and Lovers I'd like to know who the TT is and who are the pairs
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Re: Trial system idea

Postby Jerme » Sun Sep 12, 2021 12:07 pm

Thread moved to Trial System Suggestions, as those are not bugs.

Your first idea is already implemented. You can mopve your mosue over a player in the chatlog and see their role (the one they had when the game concluded) as a tool tip. Also when you open the Fitlers menu, you have each palyer and their role lined up.
Ranked, Traitor, VIP (VIP is mentioned), TT (Traitor is mentioned), Lovers (couples are not mentioned) are shown in the logs, the rest would warrant the played mode to be listed in the game logs the Trial System parses.
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