An alert/notice system (more detailed description in post)

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An alert/notice system (more detailed description in post)

Postby e621CraX » Wed Dec 11, 2019 5:17 am

(Quickly starting this off by saying idk whether to post this in here or regular suggestions, mods can move it if need be)

Certain things are clearly gamethrowing but currently under p2p rules are not deemed as such. One prominent example would be asking for tp/lo as vet and alerting. This is arguably something that you cannot do without having intention to kill town roles, however it's not bannable under the p2p rules. Another example would be if a (technically) confirmed lookout saw someone attack someone, and clearly told that to the Jailor, but the Jailor did nothing about it (and as I often hear, chooses to execute another technically confirmed townie.) Again, not outright gamethrowing but still very clearly a bad idea overall and for the most part is gonna be considered almost throwing.

Things like this should be worthy of some form of alert/notice, or at least a tracking note/mark on someones account to them and/or trial mods that the player does those things. If they stack up enough, maybe over a certain period of time/games, then it will show if the player is deliberately trying to gamethrow but stay under the radar, or if they just aren't playing well.

Example 1 of this use: A player asks for tp/lo whenever they get vet, and alert each time. They never admit to doing it as a means to throw/kill townies. If this system was in place, a trial mod would mark a report on that as a "potential gamethrow" which in itself would do nothing, however if the player does it enough those markers would stack up thus giving the player a warn or short ban (less than a day) telling them what is wrong and maybe the equivalent of 1 guilty report for whatever they were doing (so it stacks up alongside their regular report history)

Example 2 of this use: A player goes afk or leaves games often. It's very clear they are doing this on purpose because they always do it whenever they get a mafia or neutral role, and the rare occasions they actually make a move in those roles its very clear they don't care much to play as it. This would be marked as "potential leaver/afk" and as with example 1 would stack up to again a warn/short ban and a mark on their report history.

Hopefully I described this well enough, I can provide more detail on things if I missed anything, and I definitely want to hear if there are any flaws in my thinking here so I can work out a fix for them. I feel we need something like this in place to fight off all the players who are constantly flying under the radar because of loopholes in the rulebook.
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Re: An alert/notice system (more detailed description in pos

Postby MysticMismagius » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:18 pm

So basically you want the Syanna rule back. I wish, buddy.
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Re: An alert/notice system (more detailed description in pos

Postby LevinSnakesRise » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:42 pm

As time goes on, we will revisit the rules with the Developers and try to get more definitive things setup in regards to gamethrowing.

I'm hoping to help get this accomplished sometime after the New Year and once Devs have fleshed out Unity. (Yes, "soon".)
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