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Guest accounts

Postby ConversantZealous » Mon Dec 06, 2021 6:11 am

Hello there. I think the game should allow guest accounts. A guest account is an account that can be login in without the use of personal information such as email address, phone numbers , usernames and passwords. The user can just log in automatically. Since people who used guest account does not use email addresses, the game can place restrictions of the use of guest accounts. For example, only dedicate people who used guest account to be in the same role. The game can use speech people the game generates. Such as , insert number is bad, insert number is jailor, I am insert role.

The reason why I recommend guest accounts is that some people like me do not wish to share personal information like email address to other websites and having a guest account is more convenient when logging in.

I hope that the game will accept this suggestion.

Have a nice day.
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Re: Guest accounts

Postby Jerme » Mon Dec 06, 2021 7:06 am


guest accounts will not be a thing. We had (and still have in some regard) troubles with toxic trolls that had nothing better to do that ruin the game for others and perform hatespeech, when the game was f2p. This option would allow them to return and do even more harm.
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