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Verified accounts

Postby NotExtravagantUser » Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:22 am

Hi.I think that the game should only have verified accounts.To be clearer, verified email addresses and other thing used to verify an account.
I have a reason why. There was a dude , this dude name in game when playing in a match will be like lynched 14 , 4 is SK ,7 is GF or even 6 is witch. To me , this is truly annoying. Imaging this dude lynch innocent townies.
The thing is that i reported this dude, not sure whether the rest of the town did. I suppose that the game took action against this dude. However, i think that everyday i kept meeting this dude. How I recognize this dude is that the wills look familiar. All i am trying to say here is that this dude may create a fake account with an unverified email address. I think this might be a troll. By the way, i have a great adulation of the game without the trolls of course.
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