Pleeease move the reveal/exe button.

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Pleeease move the reveal/exe button.

Postby saywhut » Sat Nov 23, 2019 11:15 am

It is in a spot on the bottom where if you use the chat log and your will a lot you will often press it by accident. And the message that ‘you have chosen to execute...’ just looks like a regular line of chat. It’s easy to say ‘oh you should just be more careful and at the start of the game it’s easy but roles like jailor have a lot to pay attention to. I have revealed as mayor and unintentionally exed townies as jailor countless times now. It’s a baaaaaaad button.
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Re: Pleeease move the reveal/exe button.

Postby noveiia » Sun Nov 24, 2019 3:15 am

I can see that, especially on mobile since everything’s a bit cramped. I’ve accidentally tapped the reveal button as mayor because once you accidentally tap your screen it’s impossible to undo. You have time to quickly repress the exe button but if you drop your phone whoops now everyone knows you’re mayor day one. However this would likely be a bit of a hassle due to how cramped mobile already is and the devs likely want to focus on unity first before tackling something like this. Though I highly support this being looked into.
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