[Edit if more found] Bugs I have seen (iOS)

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[Edit if more found] Bugs I have seen (iOS)

Postby redbunnybun » Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:13 pm

Device: iPad Mini
OS: iOS 9.3
Reproduction: Logged in and played Classic Games to see what would happen...

Things I haven't seen posted:
- Log in box is too small on screen compared to the way it is on the website(difficult to click on text box)

- Closing the keyboard will send an empty message ingame
This will cause messages to overlap and glitch in the lobby, doesn't glitch in a game however.

- Usernames will sometimes disappear from the list in the lobby even if people are still there
This led to 16 people in the lobby at a point, and also caused there to be no Host at another point.

- Submit name text box doesn't work the same way as other text boxes in the app
ie. No autocorrect and pressing return won't submit the entry, have to click the Submit button instead.

- Can't type in chat when choosing name

- Townies can sometimes have a Day Ability(Sun Button)
When I was a Doctor in a game, it gave me the jailors ability to select someone during the day, albeit nothing happened upon clicking a name.

- Dead Mafia will not be removed from Mafia list.
Likewise, the role when being promoted will not change.

-Game will sometimes show people to have left at Nighttime (similarly to lobby) however at day, the list of names will return to normal.

- Abstained votes have a green colour, as if they voted innocent?

- Adds 200 to the actual number of people in the server? (Maybe it's meant to be like that, idk)

- Countdown from previous game ending continues to run in the corner even when leaving the game and in a different lobby.

- Game doesn't display messages such as "If nobody dies tomorrow it will be a draw" or notify the game if anybody has left

- When a game ends, winners don't appear to be able to see dead chat. (Or at least, in the drawn game I was in)

- Report button does nothing when pressed. (Not even a clicking sound to show its pressed)

- If the town votes innocent on someone being lynched, the vote count doesn't reset and no other town members can be lynched.

Bugs I have already seen posted:
- /repick not work
- /w also does nothing
- Dead chat and normal chat same colour
- Chat from previous games/lobbies isn't cleared
- Jailor is unable to execute(says they killed a townie N1)
- Doesn't display all info In game chat (Who was killed by what, what day it is etc...)
- Non-killing roles have a Death Note.
- WW skin glitches
- Exe can't see target name. "Your target name is: %name%"

Not sure if at all useful, but thanks for reading :)
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Re: Bugs I have seen (iOS)

Postby redbunnybun » Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:25 pm

ShadowsGather wrote:Some people (evidently hundreds of people actually) just leave the app on on their device and tab it out.

Fair enough, just wondered what it was.
Since the lobby saying: "204 Users on the Server, 1 Game being played" seems just a bit... off.
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