Werewolf skin (Lycanthrope) goes from human to werewolf

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Werewolf skin (Lycanthrope) goes from human to werewolf

Postby frop418 » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:07 pm

Device: Ipad Air

Os: iOS 9.3.1

matthew8367 wrote:
ShadowsGather wrote:Ah, yeah. My bad. So far customization has crashed everyone. Haven't heard of anyone being successful in opening it.

It hasn't crashed for me, but the WW skin keeps switching every two seconds and the house is invisible no matter which one I pick.

Werewolf skin (Lycanthrope) goes from human to werewolf every few seconds.

Both the people with the Lycanthrope seemed to be changing every few seconds, before the game, the lobby was pretty bugged, the hosts couldn't start the game, people claimed seeing that there was more than 15 people in the lobby (some claimed up to 20 people), names were changing from one person to another. Before joining this lobby, I started the app joined a casual game, left it and then rejoined.

Werewolf Skin Glitch-http://imgur.com/Jqi7GnQ

P.S. I know this is not the best quality, but we were in middle of discussion phase, and they would keep changing.

Also after playing that game, I went into a new lobby where at first there was no host. Then people left and joined and finally it turned out there was 3 hosts.

No host-http://imgur.com/uHXhwX4
No host-http://imgur.com/ry79utr
3 hosts-http://imgur.com/d85rQnC
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