Submitting a good bug report

This forum is used to report bugs that happen while playing the Tablet version of the game.

Submitting a good bug report

Postby PyromonkeyGG » Wed Mar 30, 2016 5:36 pm

To make a good bug report you should list the following.

The type of device you are using. Knowing the type of device lets us figure out if it is a quirk with that device, or an overall issue.

The OS version of the device you are using. Knowing the OS of device lets us figure out if it is a quirk with that OS, or an overall issue.

What version number of the app are you running? You can find this by clicking the menu button at the top left of the screen when you are on the homepage or login page. It should show the version number at the very bottom of that screen formatted as X.X.X(XXXXX)

Reproduction steps if you can(how did you make it happen). EX: You can't invite players to the party. Did you got to any other screens before going to the party? Did you just get out of a game? Did you just login? What exactly happened leading up to you encounter your issue. Can you force this to happen again, if so tell us exactly what you do to make it happen. If we can reproduce it then it makes to much easier to figure out what caused it.

Screenshots of said reproduction steps, or the end result, whatever applies. Sometimes screenshots can show us what happened better than you can say what happened.

Can other systems(other mobile users if there are any, or computers) at your location log in to the game?

Are you connected to WiFi and can go to other websites just fine?

Before you post be sure to search to see if you bug has already been reported. It is much more efficient for us to look at 1 thread with 40 posts about the same problem, than 40 threads about 1 problem. You can check this post to see if it has already been reported: ... 60&t=39260

And lastly try the things listed here before making a bug report: ... 60&t=39332

Here is a template that you can copy paste and fill in that should help make sure we have everything we need:

"I did X and expected Y to happen, but Z happened instead.

Reproduction steps if known:

Platform(iOS or Android):

Platform Version:


App version:

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