Reported user is not in filter list.

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Reported user is not in filter list.

Postby ManOfDucks » Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:13 pm

Report ID: [2950518]
Reported User: [TsukikoDominque]
Details: [Being rude insulting others and their opinions on the world constantly calling other players stupid, imbeciles, constantly harassing other players literally every day of the game.]

So the Reported User is listed as TsukikoDominque, but their username doesn't appear in the "view by player" list.

Here is a url to a photo for proof
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Re: Reported user is not in filter list.

Postby Hiway202 » Sun Jul 12, 2020 11:11 pm


This is currently a known issue in the Trial System. This happens when a user changes their username and will be fixed in version 2 of the trial system.

For that report the user you are looking for is player 11. RagnaroksWolf (Misuto Kiriya)

There is a way to figure out who the user is without posting here, but to do that you would have to join the Trial Server. In there, there is a bot that will let you check a user's previous usernames, as well as other commands. The server also has all of the judges and a lot of other jurors and gmods and it's a nice place to get to know other people who do reports and ask questions if you're stuck.

If you're interested you can join by clicking on the link in my signature!
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