TG Episode XII

Test roles that have been suggested in simulated gameplay.

TG Episode XII

Postby Kreaal » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:08 pm

Testing Grounds Episode XII

Hosted by: Kreaal

Welcome to Kreaal’s TG, Before you Sign Up you must privately message me so I know your active enough to join the game. I will also be asking users that I know is active to join as well. This is to avoid inactivity.

Now let’s go over the rules!


» Any attempt to intentionally make your faction lose the game will result in being blacklisted from future games. All your actions must be done with the goal of winning as your faction and have a clear, logical explanation for your actions. This can include Jesting.

Prohibited Activities

» Excessive posting of content and spamming, codes used to transmit secret information, angleshooting - as in, using content irrelevant or unrelated to the game, outside communication, post-editing, and referencing mod communications, are all prohibited and can lead to potential blacklisting from future games, in addition to immediate removal from the current game.

» Last Wills and Deathnotes

Because I don’t have much time on my hands to really view last wills and death notes they will not be present in this game.


» I’ll allow it, but only because I’m curious has to how it will play out and if it will affect the outcome of the game

Flavor and Fun

» The usage of #4080BF or anything similar is a no-no, otherwise have fun with flavor. Oh yeah, and this is a test not a game, you can’t have fun

Spoiler: Town Power
Random Town
Random Town
Random Town
Random Town
Random Town
Mafia Head
Mafia Support
Random Mafia
Neutral Killing
Neutral Non Killing
Neutral Non Killing

Rolecards And Consigliere Results can be found here -) ... 50&t=20013

Investigator Results Spoiler: Your target washes their stained clothes often.
They could be a Bodyguard, Mafioso, Serial Killer or Amnesiac.

Your target plots a horrendous death upon their enemies.
They could be a Citizen, Jailor, Godfather or Jester.

Your target contravenes for self-interest.
They could be a Trauma Patient, Vigilante, Malpractioner or Double
Your target lurks amongst the shadows.
They could be an Tracker, Sheriff, Hustler , Gossiperor Survivor.

Your target resists pain and suffering.
They could be a Firebrand, Oracle, Caporegime or
Electrician .

Your target frequently meddles with death.
They could be a Doctor, Medium, Forger or Butcher.

Your target works to help the shady districts.
They could be an Escort, Mayor, Consort or Drug Dealer

Your target lures people out where vulnerable.
They could be an Botanist, Veteran, Musician or Werewolf.

Your target searches for outlaws in a crowd.
They could be an Investigator, Consigliere or Executioner.

Your target causes others to distance themselves.
They could be a Ghost, Transporter, Trickster or Stalker

Your target awaits patiently an opportune scenario.
They could be a Lookout, Retributionist, Watcheror Witch.

Your target endeavours privately to pick out the enemy’s identity.
They could be a Scientist ,Miller, Janitor or Disguiser.

Your target burns for mischief.
They could be a Framer or Arsonist.

1. ParaYumi
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Re: TG Episode XII

Postby ParaYumi » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:12 pm

I'll join.
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Re: TG Episode XII

Postby greenrabbit7 » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:15 pm

I’ll join and shoot you a pm.
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Re: TG Episode XII

Postby Jerme » Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:13 pm

As a short notice, if you do not have TG approval, you may not host an episode.
Continue and you will be warned.
Visit my role suggestions and give me feedback:

I tend to write small stories into my will and dislike Forgers and Janitors for removing them.

If you see a Grim Reaper called 'Zoroark', know that you might have encountered me.

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