Testing Grounds Rules & FAQ

Test roles that have been suggested in simulated gameplay.

Testing Grounds Rules & FAQ

Postby Parallax7 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:50 am

Testing Grounds Rules & Regulations

1. Leaving your computer, or going AFK during a game, is not permitted.

Please refrain from taking a leave from your computer during a test. The only time it is appropriate to leave from the simulation, for whatever the case may be, unless absolutely urgent, is before, and after tests. Please announce your departure before hand.

2. Do not chat about the game outside of the game. Communicating with 3rd party apps, or chatting methods other than the Testing Grounds game engine is prohibited.

We are trying to get the most accurate results possible, therefore, we cannot allow any forms of outside communication or discussion negligence during tests. This can lead to bad results, or poor tests, making the Testing Grounds look bad, while undermining our efforts of looking professional and contributing to the actual game.
Punishment will be at the host's discretion.

3. Once a role/concept has been properly nominated it will officially be tested by the Testing Grounds a month following its nomination.

Quite obviously getting a role/concept into the Testing Grounds is not for the faint of heart. This is because we only accept the most balanced and prominent roles. We do it a month following its nomination, because we have other roles or ideas we'd like to simulate before hand, thus insuring those variables have an opportunity.

4. Avoid positing role ideas, game changes, or otherwise mechanic altering posts within the Testing Grounds subforum.

You have an entire forum dedicated to this in Role Ideas and Suggestions/Feedback. Please follow the proper procedures to get your role noticed by us. Failure to do so will merely have your post deleted, and ignored.

5. Any rule that Town of Salem has so does the Testing Grounds.

Really self-explanatory, but play by the rules, no one likes a cheater or toxic troll.

6. Testing Grounds' staff/moderator's word is law.

Barring, someone has committed an offense in the TG subforum, or game engine, that isn't covered by the rule book, it will be handled by a Testing Grounds moderator, much like the other forum moderators, they have a moderator control panel, and will use it to its full extent, so OBEY.

Most violations of the rules, are handled with lenience, and remorse. So usually one or two warnings is standard, but knowingly neglecting the rules can lead to an instant ban, barring no moderator objects. That being said, the rules are enforced with a three strike system third offense, and you're out.

Duly note: If you feel any situation was handled incorrectly, please do message the Testing Grounds moderators/staff with an appeal, with evidence, further action can be taken to our Discord for the best results.

Discord Rules & Regulation

The Testing Grounds Discord is owned by Ralozey. So he is the ultimate law concerning which, but this will paint a clear picture of what is expected of you there.

Do not be disruptive.

1. Moderators have the final say in arguments and discussions.
The Role Ideas Moderators have authority to assign punishments to those who violate the rulings. Warnings are most common, those warned will be given the Watched role with their actions monitored and scrutinised. However, if warnings progress or the situation is critical, violators will be restricted from all chats to discuss then with Moderators, who will discern which punishment(s) is/are necessary. Punishments include mutes, kicks, blacklists and bans.

2. Refrain from spam in any shape or form.
Limit messages akin to spam in Main Channels and keep pure spam content in #spam-and-eggs. Spam may include sending messages repeatedly, constantly using an absurd number of line breaks, abusing emojis (15 maximum), zalgo or related text and unnecessary tag spam. Accidental violations may lead to soft warnings, however repeated offenses may lead to more serious warnings or a server mute.

3. Self-advertising or links to other servers are prohibited.
Before posting any self advertisement that is not related to the Testing Grounds or the forums, please ask Moderators for permission. Posting an advertisement or link to another server without permission will result in the message being deleted immediately.

4. Graphic content such as gore, porn etcetera are prohibited from being posted or referenced.
Posting graphic images may cause for a severe measure of punishment to be taken, amounting to a possible blacklist or ban. Reference may be more lax in #sin-bin, however posting definitively graphic subjects or repetitively borderline subjects will have the same punishments given as other channels.
Profile pictures that seem to include nudity or taken from a porn or hentai production will be dealt the same as if it was sent in the server.

5. Outright flaming or insulting people with no friendly intention is prohibited.
Instead of responding to insults directed towards you or others, please contact the Moderators if someone is flaming as handling the situation yourself will result in you being just as guilty. Violators will be warned, and after sufficient warnings they will be punished depending on how severe the situation is.
Harassment between users in the TG Client, direct messages, other servers or the forums may lead to consequences in this server.

6. Overuse of extreme vulgar language is not permitted.
This includes any terms that are featured in Town of Salem’s hard filter which are immediately removed upon utterance. Moderate swearing is acceptable.

7. Limit the use of foreign languages in Main Channels.
This server’s main language is English, therefore communicating through foreign languages won’t be understood. This does not come with a warning, however for courtesy reasons we advise to send an English translation or talk in other languages in the Fun Channels.

8. Disturbing Moderators or other Staff positions with pings for non-problems is prohibited.
Only ever ping the Staff positions if it is essential. Repeated instances when unnecessary may result in a warning and many pings in a short amount of time will coincide with the spam rule, leading to a larger punishment.

9. Promoting server raids or an attack on a person elsewhere is prohibited.
Disrespecting other servers is not our forte and any plots about a server raid discussed in this channel will cause you to be warned or muted.

10. Evading a punishment with an alt account will lead to a stricter punishment.
Evading a punishment will most likely cause the main account and alt account to be banned either temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the previous punishment.

If you would like to be a part of our Discord here is a link: https://discord.io/testinggrounds
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Re: Testing Grounds Rules & FAQ

Postby Parallax7 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:29 am

Testing Grounds General FAQ

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: The best way to “sign up” is to join the TG Discord. We will have separate threads on the forums announcing some tests that we perform, but we will be announcing all tests on our Discord.

Q: Who are the TG mods and how do I become one?

A: TG Moderators make decisions on the direction of the TG, delegate tasks to other willing volunteers, and occasionally host games. The list of current and former TG Moderators are as follows:

RI Moderators:
BS4125 Active
oliy Active
GoogleFeud Active
Parallax7 Active

Past RI Moderators:
KittenLicks Retired
Bloodringe Retired
isrlygood Retired
Kiyosen Retired
Lexiam Retired
Ralozey Retired
Jerme Retired
Flake Retired
Gooose26 Retired
Kirize12 Removed
roz1roz Removed
orangeandblack5 Inactive
VoidRuler Inactive
BPsycho2 Inactive

Q:How are roles being picked?

A: On the beginning of some months, there will be a role poll in which roles will be voted upon by the public. The top roles voted will be MOST LIKELY added to the Testing Grounds. TG mods are able to add, edit, or delete any role should new information or reasoning as to why is found. Role Polls will not occur every month because of potential oversaturation.

Q: How do I submit my role idea?

A: To submit your role idea as a candidate for testing, please PM all of the TG moderators with the subject name being "Role Idea Submission: (Your role idea name)", with a link to your role idea. We will then determine if this role is worthy or not. You will be sent a PM of acceptance or denial(with reasoning) once we have reached a majority consensus. If there is no response for a substantial amount of time, feel free to ping administrators on Discord (in the role ideas section) and the role will be discussed at an opportune time using Discord.

Q: How do I play this game?

A: This simulation should be treated as if you were playing Town of Salem itself with a few distinct differences. If you do not know how to play Town of Salem, we suggest you try it out first before you play here in the Testing Grounds.

Q: What are some things the TG has accomplished?

A: Spoiler:
  • Tracker has been added into the game.
  • Hypnotist (Drug Dealer) has been added into the game.
  • Arsonist silent dousing has been added into the game.
  • Witch auto-vest (magical barrier) has been added into the game.
  • Orange&Black's Investigator results getting changed have been added into the game.
  • Sheriff modification has been added.

If you feel that there are any missing FAQs or there is an error, please PM a TG Moderator and they will fix the FAQ accordingly.
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