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A rule that 100% should be removed

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2024 2:55 pm
by LatteMachiatoVanilla
this is honestly one of the most racist rules i've ever seen. like, why tho? the "cheating" ban for speaking spanish needs to be lifted
first off it applies to literally nobody
secondly most of the bans (aka my cases) i ain't even cheating, i'm just talking like a murican would do
third if i was actually cheating (which come on i wouldn't), why would i waste my time on a social something game?

also translate the reports which ARE considered "cheating" (spanish ones). ... id=4003135

^^ here ya go, check for yourself. did i cheat (in the not-racist way) here?

honestly just wanted to say what rule has got to go cuz like this rule aint even applying to anyone else broo