Ambusher(Mafia Head)

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Ambusher(Mafia Head)

Postby Kmenx » Fri May 31, 2019 10:47 pm

Since the role hub I suggested never got made(this is so sad) I'm gonna post this here

ToS ambusher is a good idea with horrendus execution so here is my take on it

Your alignment is Mafia Head

You are a retired solider working for the mafia and the godfather tasked you with leading the charge on this town with your military training you may catch off some townies off guard(Flavor can change because I am not the best at making it)

-When you are performing the mafia night kill you may instead prepare an ambush on your target's home attack and kill a visitor of them(Town Protective>Town Support>Town Investigative>Town Killing>Neutral Benign[Minus double Ex:Hider]>Neutral Evil>Neutral Killing>Double[Will RNG if two people from the same alignment visits your target]).Your mafia members are immune to this killing method(Including any espionage roles) but you may still set up an ambush on their houses.
-If no one or only mafia members visit your ambush target mafia cannot kill for that night.
-If you kill a non killing role with an ambush their night action for that night will not occur and they will not receive any results if they receive any for that action.
-You will only appear to any lookouts at the house of the person you decided to set the ambush upon and to any trackers you will be seen visiting the person you set the ambush upon (If you set an ambush on A's house and kill B a lookout can't catch you on B's house but you can still be seen going into A's house and a tracker will see you visit A and not B).
-You also know how to hide from any attackers that may visit you at night,thus making you night immune.
-You can communicate with your allies each night,for as long as they are alive.
-You cannot ambush your own house.

Your allies are [x] the [role], [x] the [role], and [x] the [role].

Mafia win con

-You can't pierce night immunity
-Your kill can be stopped by tp's but only on the target you attack at the ambush
-If you target a veteran on alert you just die
-You can still do normal mafia kills on the nights you choose to not ambush(idk why people thought it couldn't the last time I posted this on the creator's spotlight)
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Re: Ambusher(Mafia Head)

Postby Phone0Ix » Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:52 am

Good idea
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Re: Ambusher(Mafia Head)

Postby Varanus » Sat Jun 01, 2019 12:36 pm

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