Bug With Retributionist - Using Escort

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Bug With Retributionist - Using Escort

Postby PugVivisection » Mon Jun 21, 2021 6:32 am

Hi there, just encountered what I assume is a bug in Ranked.
I was playing retributionst and was unable to use a second dead escort on night 3 on anyone but myself, which went away after not using the resurrect ability.
I cannot see this feature being listed so I assume it is a bug as you are able to use other roles fine in my experience. I am unsure of how to provide screenshots for this as I would have to have a similar game occur as while playing I assumed this was a feature. Would a game log be possible to obtain? I was attempting to use escort two nights in a row, the first night being successful, the second only allowed me to roleblock myself so I didn't resurrect the body. Next night I was able to use it as pleased. I believe the numbers of the players were 4 and 8. Happy to try to explain further if this isn't understandable.
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