Appeal: GlowingRatKing467

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Appeal: GlowingRatKing467

Postby GlowingRatKing467 » Sat Jan 22, 2022 12:16 am

I had logged into my account today and a messaged had popped up, to the horrifying realization i had been permanently banned for 'Hate Speech / Harassment'. I've looked at the report that was filed against me, i recall earlier today i was playing as 'Richard Nixon', before the game had started Towniethatneedshelp named themselves "The Gay Townie", Azazel in the chat had stated "lynch gays". Now i want to note i am a type of person who just wants to have a little fun and joke around so i went along with what they said and i also stated "Lynch gays 100%", what i said which i now deeply regret. This is not a projection of homophobia or any hate speech of any kind. I am not racist, homophobic, sexist, nazi, or bigoted in any way, shape or form, i respect everyone regardless of their race, sexuality, personality, or religion. Sometimes when i play town of salem with my friends we do have an inside joke where we say "hang #" for no reason in a jester manner. What i said does not mean i am doing hate speech or harassment of any kind, i am going along with another person's joke in a jester manner, i never discriminate ever based on a person's color or sexuality. Unfortunately for me there was another player who didn't take too kindly to what i was doing, this player was 'Manona24 ("four"). Below this is the report they wrote:
Hatred against gays
Hates gay people
Richard Nixon: Lynch gays 100%
Wanted to lynch someone for being named the gay townie, wouldn't stop insisting on us lynching them even once proven guilty. literally annoying the whole game

"Hatred against gays", "Hates gay people". First of all, this is not true at all. I do not hate, discriminate, or harass gay people. Nothing i've said is meant to attack gay people and i never ever mean to attack like that. If this guy thinks i hate gay people then why would i be friends with them, i treat them just like the rest of the respectable people i meet and treat with dignity, what i've said might be wrong but please keep in mind it was all in a jesterful manner and playing along with somebody elses joke, it was never meant to be a homophobic attack in the first place.

Wanted to lynch someone for being named the gay townie, wouldn't stop insisting on us lynching them even once proven guilty. literally annoying the whole game Once again, this statement is not true and based on perception instead of facts. I did not want to lynch somebody because of them being named "gay townie" or just them being gay by themselves. i did it because it was for a joke, technically this is gamethrowing but it's good to have some humor once in awhile

Depends on how you see it, i just want to say this is just either trolling or silly humor. I do not mean to degrade, humiliate, discriminate, or disrespect gay people on purpose, if it appears to you i did any of these things, i want to know i did not do it on purpose. Homophobia, Hate Speech, or harassment was never my intention ever, i love this game and i would hate to lose my account over something i heavily regret doing now. For any of the damage or pain i have caused to others, i am sorry, i am sorry for everything. I have learnt my lesson.
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Re: Appeal: GlowingRatKing467

Postby TrialBot » Sat Jan 22, 2022 12:20 am

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Re: Appeal: GlowingRatKing467

Postby Flavorable » Sat Jan 22, 2022 4:44 am

Hate to break it to you, but saying to lynch gay people is homophobic. And it is most definitely against our rules. And the fact that you decided it was a good idea to break forum rules as well to harass and insult the person that was rightfully reporting you, definitely did not help your case.

Report is valid and valid reports are not eligible for appeal.

Appeal denied.
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