Account is freshly new although it shouldn't be

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Account is freshly new although it shouldn't be

Postby Sitygas99 » Tue Dec 26, 2023 4:08 pm

Hey there beautiful people,

I used to play on this account "sitygas99", played quite a lot since like last November, quit less than half a year ago, tried logging in today and all the stuff on the account is gone, so I've got few questions.

1. Can this be a thing or did I forget some kind of account login and this is an account I created last year as well, but did not use?
2. If this is a thing, is there any way to recover all the stuff?
3. After what amount of no play time does the account stuff get deleted?

I lost the access to play the game (got to pay $4,99 or whatever again), lost all the friends on the friend list, lost the ranks and matches played, achievements as well, lost all the skins I had and so on.

Thanks in advance beautiful people.
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Re: Account is freshly new although it shouldn't be

Postby Flavorable » Sat Dec 30, 2023 11:58 am

I checked out the account and it seems just fine to me. It shows the account being a premium account, holding 2000 Town Points (thus being a premium account) and 3740 Merit Points.

Now personally, I cannot check your friendslist or owned items e.t.c., however, I can tell you that we do not delete accounts, items, friends lists, e.t.c.

Your best bet would be to contact, attach the receipt for the game (as proof of ownership) and maybe they can check a bit deeper for you.
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